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💁‍♀️ Your new best friend built with an artificial neural network

Inspired by leon-ai/leon 🙂

Getting started

Getting started


Clone Olivia’s REST Api from the master branch of Github repository

git clone

Then go inside the project and install the dependencies

cd olivia

# Install the dependencies with dep (
dep ensure

And run the application

The REST Api is now listening on the port 8080, to change it just set it inside the environment variable PORT

The app will automatically check for res/training.json file which contains the save of the neural network.
By default when you clone the repository from Github you have a stable save.
If you want to train a new model just delete this file and rerun the app.

How to use

To use the REST Api you must establish POST request to /api/response with two parameters:

  • sentence which is the message you want to send to Olivia
  • authorId which is an arbitrary ID to identify the user for having a contextual chat

The latest release is online at

Example with curl

curl -X POST '' --data "sentence=Hello" --data "authorId=81278329032"

The response arrives in this format

  "content": "Good morning!",
  "tag": "hello"



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