Love Island – live: Will Danny leave Yewande for newcomer Arabella and how will Lucie deal with Joe’s departure?

Love Island – live: Will Danny leave Yewande for newcomer Arabella and how will Lucie deal with Joe’s departure?


Thursday 20 June 2019 21:56

Love Island is back tonight with what is shaping up to be a drama-filled episode.

Newcomer Arabella is making her entrance in the Spanish villa – and according to a teaser shared by ITV2, she just might turn Danny’s head. Only Danny is currently coupled up with Yewande, so he will most likely have to make some serious choices in the near future.

Meanwhile, Lucie is still recovering from Joe’s departure after her partner was dumped from the villa along with islander Elma. Lucie has appeared heartbroken over Joe’s departure, but as she remains in the villa – and still has a spot on the show to defend – we have yet to see how she will handle her newfound singlehood.

We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view.

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Follow along with our live-blog of tonight’s episode:


Anton and Arabella are chatting, and Arabella’s telling Anton she’s attracted to both him and Danny and wants to get to know them better.


Arabella: snog Danny, join Curtis, avoid Tommy.


Anna goes with: avoid Anton (poor Anton), marry Curtis, and snog Jordan.


Maura’s picks are: snog Danny, marry Curtis, avoid Anton (because of the shaving).


The islanders are getting ready for the evening. Yewande pledges to be more affectionate with Danny. Oooooh and the ladies are playing “snog, marry, avoid”.


“Don’t come to Love Island if you don’t want to be loved,” muses Danny in what is sure to become an iconic line.


Maura is urging Danny to “nip [things] in the bud” with Yewande – a “savage” take, per Molly-Mae’s assessment.


Yewande and Danny are now having a chat that is best described as chilly.


Anton tells other islanders he doesn’t see how the date could have gone any better.


Anton, meanwhile, tells Arabella he’s a “mama’s boy”, by which he means his mother shaves his bum every once in a while.


Other islanders keep asking Yewande whether she’s disappointed, but she keeps telling them she’s fine and was expecting this turn of events.


Danny excitedly tells the boys he and Arabella have a lot in common and that he needs to figure out whether he and Yewande are compatible.


Ooooh it’s time for Danny to debrief his date with the other islanders, including Yewande!


Anton shares his “nightmare” with Arabella, telling her he had just coupled up with Elma when she was eliminated from the show.


Other islanders beg him not to try to kiss Arabella.


Arabella’s second choice for a date is Anton, who is absolutely over the moon.


Danny thoroughly enjoyed his date with Arabella. Michael urges Yewande to tell Danny how she wants things to go between them.


Danny tells Arabella he and Yewande are “struggling a little bit” and he feels he’s putting most of the effort in.


Danny’s 21 and Arabella’s 28.


Yewande says she expects Danny to come back from his date to tell her he wants to get to know Arabella more.

Please allow a moment for the live-blog to load.

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