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Fully Automated Luxury Communism


Fully Automated Luxury Communism

A Manifesto

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288 pages / June 2019 / 9781786632623




June 2019 / 9781786632654

A different kind of politics for a new kind of society—beyond work, scarcity and capitalism

In the twenty-first century, new technologies should liberate us from work. Automation, rather than undermining an economy built on full employment, is instead the path to a world of liberty, luxury and happiness—for everyone. Technological advance will reduce the value of commodities—food, healthcare and housing—towards zero.

Improvements in renewable energies will make fossil fuels a thing of the past. Asteroids will be mined for essential minerals. Genetic editing and synthetic biology will prolong life, virtually eliminate disease and provide meat without animals. New horizons beckon.

In Fully Automated Luxury Communism, Aaron Bastani conjures a vision of extraordinary hope, showing how we move to energy abundance, feed a world of 9 billion, overcome work, transcend the limits of biology, and establish meaningful freedom for everyone. Rather than a final destination, such a society merely heralds the real beginning of history.

“In 100 years’ time many of the ideas in this book will be mainstream, while kindergarten students laugh at our mainstream economic textbooks. Bastani’s genius is to see the future with crisp clarity, unafraid of the consequences of being right.”

– Paul Mason, author of Postcapitalism

“One of the most important books to come out of the British left in recent years. Incredibly ambitious and wide-ranging, but also well-written and readable, it provides a fascinating glimpse into a future beyond scarcity and beyond capitalism. Not simply a set of predictions about an unknowable future, it is a call to action to those seeking to bring an entirely new world into being.”

– Grace Blakeley, New Statesman

“At a time when our horizons have shrunk, when instead of striving for a better world we look backward to old comforts, Aaron Bastani calls us to dream and struggle for the type of society finally fit for humanity to live as humans should.”

– Bhaskar Sunkara, author of The Socialist Manifesto

“The debate is no longer about tinkering with our current broken social order, but replacing it: this fascinating book is an absolutely critical contribution, and a must-read for all those who aspire to build a new society.”

– Owen Jones, author of The Establishment

“[A] leading figure in the rich ferment of ideas around Corbyn’s Labour … [Fully Automated Luxury Communism] offers a snapshot of the new radical narrative that would frame the programme of government of an incoming Prime Minister Corbyn.”

Financial Times

“A startlingly sunny and audacious manifesto that reads the extremity of current political, economic, and environmental crises as a sign of the scale of opportunity for radical change…[Bastani] gamely reclaims the stuff of dystopia for a more buoyant vision . . . Bastani’s arguments rest on the conviction that the major problems that face citizens are political in nature—and thus that their only possible solutions will be political, too”

– Lidija Haas, Harpers

“Bastani writes with pace, economy and infectious enthusiasm … There are more ideas crammed in here than in a whole shelf of standard politics books. And in today’s fraught world, the time to read whole shelves of politics books may have passed.”

– Andy Beckett, -

“Fully Automated Luxury Communism offers a hopeful vision of a possible future, one that, with its blend of utopian energy and careful argumentation, is worth taking seriously.”


“[Fully Automated Luxury Communism] is a provocative … reckoning with the end of market capitalism, and what might follow … in outlining the benefits of decarbonised economies, worker-owned businesses, people’s banks, planet taxes and universal basic services, Bastani is starting to put flesh on the spectre that might one day haunt Europe again.”

– Gavin Jacobson, New Statesman

“Jeremy Corbyn’s new left … do not wish only to manage capitalism. They want something more. They are something more. And this book is an attempt to explain what that more is.”


“Attempts to take the word back to Marx’s post-work, post-scarcity future.’”

– Sarah Jaffe, Bookforum



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