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About Us –

About Us – enables organizations to deliver global aid and impact – and meet their sustainability goals with greater ease and lower costs.

Uniting technology and international shipping for good

Ship carbon neutral

Offset 100% of your CO₂ emissions, meet environmental and corporate social responsibility goals, and dramatically increase supply chain sustainability.

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Get discounted and pro bono services

We offer significant discounts on international shipping services to NGOs and nonprofits, with free advice from a team that can help ensure that your shipments arrive efficiently.

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Donate excess inventory

Your products don’t have to go to waste. Whether it’s a one-time shipment or ongoing donations, can facilitate and offer discounted freight services when you provide excess inventory to those in need.

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Worked with hundreds of nonprofits

Unlocked 20-25% savings on international

transportation costs*

Prevented more than 3.9 million pounds of landfill waste**

“The current circumstances in South Sudan make it incredibly difficult to safely transport relief cargo into the region. Our partnership with helps us work on these more complex airlifts and ultimately expands Airlink’s capacity.”

Stephanie Austin
Humanitarian Programs Manager, Airlink

“Flexport helped us move 1.2 million socks directly from our factory to our donation partners. They advised on where to consolidate shipments to save on cost and time, ultimately getting those socks to our donation partners 60 days earlier than anticipated.”

Drew Morrison
Director of Operations, Bombas

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Evaluated metric: transportation costs as a % of supply chain budget. Source for aid industry average: ACF (2017). Flexport data reflects Jan-Dec 2018.

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