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Vitamin D deficiency: The three warning signs that you are lacking the vitamin – Express

VITAMIN D is one of many nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. There are three warning signs that your body is lacking the vitamin. What are the signs?

works with calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones, muscles and teeth. The body makes vitamin D under the skin when a person is outside in the daylight, which is the reason why vitamin D is known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’. Vitamin D absorbs calcium and blocks the release of parathyroid hormone and also plays a role in muscle function and the helps the immune system. The body gives a person signs that it is lacking in vitamin D. What are the three warning signs?

Fatigue and tiredness

If a person constantly feels tired it may mean they are vitamin D deficient.

Studies have shown that very low blood levels cause fatigue and can impact a person’s life negatively. Experts recommend taking a vitamin D supplement to increase energy levels.


The role of vitamin D in reducing the risk of infections such as pneumonia, bacteremia, urinary tract infections and surgical site infections.

When adequate levels of vitamin D are maintained it lessens the length and severity of upper respiratory infections.

Vitamin D deficiency: The signs to look out for

Vitamin D deficiency: The body gives signs to a person that they are lacking in the vitamin (Image: Getty Images)

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Inflammatory bowel disease

When there is an inability to properly absorb nutrients in the GI tract, there is a higher risk for nutritional deficiencies.

In a 2016 study by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health looked at vitamin D and inflammatory bowel disease and found that a lack of the vitamin increased the risk of the bowel disease and Crohn’s disease.

Foods with the best source of vitamin D include:

  • Oily fish such as salmon, sardines, pilchards, trout, herring, kippers and eel.
  • Cod liver oil
  • Egg yolk, meat and milk
  • Margarine, breakfast cereals and some yogurts

Vitamin D deficiency: Getting sick

Vitamin D deficiency: If a person often feels sick it could be a symptom of being deficient (Image: Getty Images)

Vitamin D deficiency: Best food source

Vitamin D deficiency: Oily fish such as salmon and mackerel are excellent sources of vitamin D (Image: Getty Images)

Vitamin D deficiency is the most common and easiest indicator of your health you need to be familiar with

Nutritionist Doctor Steven Lin

Nutritionist Doctor Steven Lin said: “Vitamin D deficiency is the most common and easiest indicator of your health you need to be familiar with.

“Since it’s pretty difficult to take too much vitamin D, I would say it’s safe to assume you could probably use a little more vitamin D in your life.

“I can’t stress this enough: vitamin D is vital to both your dental health and overall health because vitamin D is such an integral party of the immune system and some of the first symptoms of low vitamin D levels are overall malaise and getting sick easily.”

Vitamin D is deficiency is very common and most people who are deficient are unaware. Fortunately, a vitamin D deficiency is usually easy to fix and a person can either increase their sun exposure or eat more vitamin D rich foods.

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