The Awardist podcast: Could The Other Two win an Emmy (in this climate)?

The Awardist podcast: Could The Other Two win an Emmy (in this climate)?

This week on EW’s The Awardist podcast, Editor-in-Chief Henry Goldblatt and I break down the very crowded Outstanding Comedy Series category — one that we both hope includes The Other Two.

There are plenty of standout lines in Comedy Central’s hilarious pop culture satire/family comedy created by former SNL headwriters Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, but perhaps the best comes courtesy of a character named Drake (Navaris Darson). As one of the “Instagays” who Cary (Drew Tarver) tries to befriend in episode 7, Drake has a very clear handle on his personal brand: “I used to be fat, but now I have two nieces.”

During an interview with The Awardist, Kelly and Schneider said the nonsensical quip was the result some intensive online research. The writers “basically just went on a bunch of instagay profiles — for way too long, and into the night — looking at commonalities between some of these instagays,” says Kelly. “We found one instagay who really made us laugh: All of his photos were just his full, bare ass — and he was a virgin. We liked the dichotomy of having this sexual presence and then being like, ‘Um, my body is a temple and I’m saving myself.’ It’s like, ‘What?’” Adds Schneider, “So many of those instagays feel like they have to have a clear distillation of their deal in like one profile sentence so we just liked the bluntness of, ‘This is my deal in five words or less.’”

Kelly and Schneider are currently working on season two of The Other Two, which will find Chase Dreams (Case Walker) balancing his red-hot singing career with higher education. And spoiler alert: Walker, who was 14-years-old when he auditioned for the show, has grown a lot since the first season. “Yeah, we’re furious at him,” jokes Schneider. “He’s definitely, like, a young man now. Be prepared.”

For a complete deep dive into the Outstanding Comedy Series category, and for more with Kelly and Schneider — including which joke made them laugh the hardest this season — listen below. You can also listen and subscribe to The Awardist podcast at Apple PodcastsStitcherRadio.com, or wherever you get your podcasts.

The Other Two is streaming for free on ComedyCentral.com until June 19.

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