ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 news LIVE: South Africa vs West Indies ODI live score and latest updates – Evening Standard

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 news LIVE: South Africa vs West Indies ODI live score and latest updates – Evening Standard

Welcome to the Evening Standard’s LIVE coverage of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

Today’s action takes place at the Rose Bowl where South Africa face the West Indies.

South Africa are yet to pick up a point after three defeats from three matches so far, while West Indies have two wins from their three outings – having lost for the first time in the tournament to Australia on Friday.

England defeated South Africa by 104 runs in their opening match – and will be watching today’s play with great interest ahead of their clash with the West Indies at the Rose Bowl on Friday.

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Live Updates


And here comes another bout of rain. Covers back on…



There will be a pitch inspection at 3:15pm BST, provided there is no further rain. 


The covers are coming off…


Most of the standing water had now been cleared from the covers, which suggests they’ll be coming off soon. 

If, and it’s a big if, there is no more rain, we could yet get some play here. 


The rain has pretty much stopped now, just a drizzle, but more is expected and I can’t see how the pitch is going to be dried out. 

5pmish would be the cut-off for getting restarted if we’re going to get 20-overs aside in, but I’d imagine there’ll be decision a fair while before then. 


If this does end without a result, South Africa’s World Cup hopes will officially be out of their hands. 

In other words, they could win all five of their remaining games and it still not be enough, depending on how other results pan out. 


Bad news. The puddle sweepers have angered the rain gods and the heavens have opened again. It’s absolutely hammering down out there now, the heaviest it’s been all day. 

I’ll be stunned if this isn’t called off at some point. 


We’ve got a little bit of action out on the field – some lads sweeping water across the covers, whatever that helps with. Some rather larges puddles have formed.


Lunch has now formally been taken, so if things do get underway at any point this afternoon we’ll be able to crack straight on with only a short break between innings.


The skies have lightened a little, but it’s still nothing but cloud and the rain is still falling. A few have stayed in their seats under umbrellas or wide brim hats, but most have retreated inside.


Yeah, this isn’t looking good. 

A reminder that as things stands, South Africa and the Windies will get a point each. That means the maximum South Africa could end up with would be 11, which surely a) won’t be enough and b) won’t happen anyway. 



The rain is coming down more heavily now, and the skies have darkened too. 

We’re not going to get any play here for a long while, if at all. 


It was all about one man in the few overs we did manage earlier on…


I wonder whether we could have got another couple of overs in here, because we’ve been off for more than five minutes and it’s still only a light drizzle.

There again, perhaps with the heavy stuff forecast, they want time to get the covers on.



SA 29/2 (7.3 overs)

du Plessis 0, de Kock 17

First bowling change as Oshane Thomas comes on from the Hotel End. Here comes the rain though – a few brollies appearing the crowd. 

And yep. Here come the covers – Thomas hasn’t even finished his over. 


SA 28/2 (7.0 overs)

du Plessis 0, de Kock 16

So these two will once again have to dig South Africa out of a hole. 

Terrific over from Cottrell, a wicket maiden.



WICKET! Markram c Hope b Cottrell 5

SA 28/2 (6.1 overs)

Cottrell strikes again! What a tournament this man is having already! 

It’s short, Makram tries to flick it away through the leg side but only succeeds in getting a tickle on it that carries through for Shai Hope to take a very good catch. 


SA 25/1 (5.0 overs)

Makram 4, de Kock 14

Quinton de Kock is leading a charmed life, he’s had another let off. Late to a bouncer off Cottrell and it’s gloved up in the air but just short of the bowler. 

Excellent response though as he flashes a wide one past the man at point and away to the races. 


SA 17/1 (4.0 overs)

Makram 4, de Kock 6

Aiden Markram is the new man in, and what a shot that is to get off the mark, a majestic cover drive that beats the dive of Jason Holder and runs away for four. 



WICKET! Amla c Gayle b Cottrell 6 

SA 11/1 (2.5 overs)

Got him this time! Sheldon Cottrell has that salute out because Hashim Amla is gone. 

Rubbish shot, all wafty, high outside off, and the edge flies through to Chris Gayle at comfortable catching height. 

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Here are the latest standings at the Cricket World Cup

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