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Viral video of woman’s order getting stolen at drive-through leaves many amused

by Bioreports

Lady's fast food gets stolen at drive-through: internet users can't deal


Kumashe Yaakugh

– A video uploaded to Twitter showing a man stealing a lady’s fast food at the drive-through window has gone viral

– The man timed his theft perfect as he sprinted at the moment the employee had the lady her food and managed to take it out of her hand

– The video was uploaded by @Colourphuza and reactions to the incident are divided as some were shocked and others found it funny

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Twitter users are in shock at a new video uploaded by @Colourphuza. The video shows a lady waiting for her meal at a drive-through.

As the employee from the takeaway hands her the meal, an unknown man sprints passed to grab it.

The employee at the restaurant yelps in shock and disbelief while the lady in her car just covers her mouth in shock.

The video has been viewed over 24 000 times on the social networking site and tweeps are quite confused.

Video, lady's fast food, stolen, drive through Pls export and turn off FB IA pls

This lady’s fast food was stolen at the window of a drive-through. Source: @Colourphuza / Twitter


People have taken to the replies section under the tweet to share their thoughts. Although the majority of responses are of people who are in disbelief at the incident, there are a few tweeps who found it funny.

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Take a look at the shocking video below:

Here’s what some tweeps had to say about the bizarre incident:

@nocueda asked:

“My ask is why was the person recording a video vhele?”

@Wenkosi_ said:

“This guy got his mouth open for the thrill too.”

@Biskiit2 wrote:

“Now I was definitely not expecting that.”

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