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UP plans to raise share of OBC subgroups in govt jobs

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LUCKNOW: The Yogi Adityanath government in UP is designing a plan to increase representation of


subgroups following reports that they have largely remained underrepresented in public sector jobs despite getting reservation benefits for years.

UP minister for backward caste welfare

Narendra Kashyap

said a drive to evaluate representation of OBC subgroups in the government sector has been launched.

“It will help us take corrective measures for increasing the number of OBC subgroups in government departments,” he said.

While a caste census is yet to be conducted by the government, primarily the Centre, the state’s exercise may prove to be a sharp pointer to socio-economically weak subgroups that determine electoral fortunes of political parties.

UP identifies 79 subgroups amongst


, of which Yadav, Kurmi and


are relatively more influential than the others.

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