The Green Lanterns are no more in new Grant Morrison comic

The Green Lanterns are no more in new Grant Morrison comic

Celebrated comic writer Grant Morrison has been writing DC’s The Green Lantern comic series for almost a year now, alongside artist Liam Sharp. But when the first 12 issues are up, will there be any Green Lanterns left? DC announced Wednesday that Morrison will be writing a three-issue miniseries this fall titled Green Lantern: Blackstars, illustrated by Xermanico. The premise? No more Green Lantern Corps.

“Oa is the skeleton-paved haunt of vengeful demons,” Morrison teased in a statement with characteristically colorful language. “And the Blackstars — a sinister cult of universal peace and harmony, involving surrender to the will of the insidious and/or possibly illuminated Controller Mu — are in the process of subjugating the universe to their creed.”

Those who have been reading The Green Lantern surely remember the Blackstars from their appearances in the series earlier this year. Hal Jordan infiltrated their cult by successfully passing a dangerous hazing ritual on a vampire planet. In order to sell his undercover role, Hal even pretended to kill the superhero Adam Strange. But now things have gone a little farther than that. Following the events of The Green Lantern #12 this October, not a single Green Lantern can be found patrolling their space sectors.

“Jordan’s one of the Blackstars’ primary operatives,” continues Morrison. “He’s central, although the Cosmic Vampire Countess Belzebeth vies with him for control of the narrative in Blackstars. Hal Jordan is the kind of man who will excel in any situation, so naturally he’s an elite Blackstar in this altered-continuity.”

Green Lantern: Blackstars #1 hits stores on Nov. 6. Though the series’ interiors are illustrated by Xermanico, each issue will have a cover by Sharp that will together form a triptych image. Check out the first one above. If you’re interested in catching up on the series, the first collected edition of The Green Lantern is available now.

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