Swoon alert: Henry Golding sings Marvin Gaye on The Tonight Show

Swoon alert: Henry Golding sings Marvin Gaye on The Tonight Show

Henry Golding singing Marvin Gaye songs badly is still a swoon alert. The star of Crazy Rich Asians and the upcoming Last Christmas belts, “I need some loving,” and hearts explode across America.

We have The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to thank for this hazardous distraction. The late-night host welcomed Golding onto his show to unveil the first trailer for Last Christmas, but he also partook in some shenanigans.

Golding, whose school named him a future “sexual healer” in the yearbook, offered his take on “Sexual Healing.” Makes sense.

According to the actor, his “thing” in school was walking about singing “Sexual Healing.” Naturally, Fallon asked him to recreate this moment on television. He did, though he prefaced he was a terrible singer. Being that it was Golding, it didn’t matter. People would watch the suave 32-year-old give bad haircuts to random guys and still find him attractive.

Coincidentally, that also happened on The Tonight Show.

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