Storms will strike today as band of heavy rain sweeps UK

Storms will strike today as band of heavy rain sweeps UK

Thunder-wave to hammer Britain: Storms will strike today as band of heavy rain sweeps UK threatening flooding and travel chaos – before brighter weekend

  • Heavy showers set to cause travel disruption across the north of England and Scotland throughout today
  • Showers and thunderstorms will gradually die out during this evening making way for sunny spells
  • Temperatures could reach up to 64.4F today with humidity still sweeping most of the UK as well as showers 

By Terri-ann Williams For Mailonline

Published: 02:07 EDT, 11 July 2019 | Updated: 12:11 EDT, 11 July 2019


The UK is set to be battered by thunderstorms today as the Met Office warns that homes and businesses could be flooded.

Heavy showers may cause travel disruption across the north of England and Scotland with a chance of power cuts.

A yellow weather warning is in place for the majority of the day with a ‘small chance of fast flowing or deep floodwater causing danger to life’.

Despite the weather warning, grey skies are set to clear up towards the end of the day and heading into Friday we are set for bright and sunny spells across most of the country.

While the weather warning is only in place for today, the Met Office has warned many to take extra precautions when travelling.

The weather map above shows showers across the country which will hit the morning rush hour today and should last most of the day

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning today, stating that thunderstorms could hit northern parts of England and parts of Scotland

The three day weather forecast above shows thunderstorms in the north of the country today while sunny spells will prevail through the rest of the week 

Many people made the most of the mild weather today and took to the River Cambridge (pictured above) to enjoy some punting

‘Heavy showers and thunderstorms are likely to develop during Thursday afternoon across parts of Scotland and northern England. 

‘Whilst many areas will miss the heaviest rain, where heavy showers and thunderstorms do develop they will be slow-moving bringing the potential for 20-30 mm of rain in an hour and 40-50 mm in 2-3 hours. Showers and thunderstorms will gradually die out during Thursday evening.’

As well as the north of the country, the East Midlands is also set to be affected buy the weather warnings, however, the Western extent of warning area was trimmed back this morning as impactful thunderstorms no longer expected there. 

Thunderstorms can take place at any time of the year, but it is the summer months which are more likely to produce torrential downpours that can cause disruption across public transport networks as well as damage to property. 

For the rest of the country today there will be sunny spells and rain across central and northern parts, as showers ease across the evening, with most places becoming dry.

Today starts off at with temperatures of up to 64.4F with the humidity which has been plaguing the UK to continue throughout the day. 

Friday will see warm and sunny spells for most, while eastern and northern parts of the country will still be struck by scattered showers, with thunder possibly hitting throughout the afternoon. 

Those looking to make plans for the weekend will be pleased to know that sunny spells are on the way with temperatures in some areas of the UK expected to reach up to 77F.

Tourists snapped photos of the brilliance of England in the sunshine as they enjoyed a trip on the River Cam earlier today


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