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Rahul says Modi govt reduced taxes of ‘friends’, BJP hits back

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NEW DELHI: BJP on Sunday reacted with sarcasm to


member Rahul Gandhi’s jibe alleging pro-corporate bias in the government’s taxation policy, saying that it can only happen in ‘Rahul Gandhi School of Economics’ where every data is fudged to mislead the country.

Earlier in the day, Gandhi hit out at the BJP-led government by comparing tax revenues collected by it with that of the previous


dispensation. Calling the Narendra


government a “suit-boot-loot-sarkar”, he said it has increased taxes on the common man and cut the same for its “mitron” (friends).

“The so-called ‘taxes from people’ and ‘corporate tax’ combined does not add up to 100%,” said chief of BJP’s IT cell Amit Malviya in a series of tweets.

Malviya said indirect tax, a consumption-based tax, includes excise, customs and CGST and cess. “A significant amount of indirect taxes (including GST) is paid by corporations, entities, trusts and government (Centre+state), and not by individuals,” he said.

“The corporate tax collection has seen a rapid growth of 34% in the first four months of FY23 as compared to the corresponding period of FY22. Even when compared to collections of FY19 (pre-Covid), the collections of FY22 are higher by over 9%,” Malviya said.

He said the growth in Personal Income Tax has been robust in the last few years, and the taxpayer base increased to nine crore in 2021-22, against 5.7 crore in 2013-14. “This has been a result of various efforts of the government to curb black money,” he added.

Keeping up his attack on the Modi government over “crony capitalism”, Gandhi had tweeted a graph showing that the Centre is earning more revenue from taxes on ordinary citizens than on industrialists. “Raise taxes on people, cut taxes for mitron (friends) – the ‘natural course’ of action for suit-boot-loot Sarkar,” he had tweeted.

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