President Muhammadu Buhari

Wia dis foto come from, NTA

Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari say im goment go “arrest and deal wit all di pipo wey dey cause insecurity and burn police station” for di kontri.

President Buhari tok dis one wen im appear for one exclusive interview for di national broadcast station NTA on Friday.

Di president say im goment go ensure say dem go “arrest, trial and give di pipo bad publicity so dat pipo go know say if dem misbehave dem no get away wit am.”

Dis comments from di President dey come for time wen Nigeria don suffer many incidents of insecurity wahala from all regions of di kontri.

How President Buhari reason insecurity under im tenure

On insecurity, di Nigerian president say im hope to stabilise di security situation for di kontri before im leave office.

“Number one tin for me na security, if you no secure di kontri firstly pipo no go wan invest.

President Buhati tok say as youths ginger during EndSars time im tell Ministers and government to inform di youths say “Federal goment no get vacancy and na di same tin for di states and local government.”

Di president add say “Even though you get good degree from good university, you no go ever get job because if dem promote insecurity by burning factories, institution nobody go come invest so e dey for di youths best interest to ensure say di kontri dey secure.”

‘Nigerians dey very forgetful’

On im fight against corruption, di President say im administration don do well for dat area as Nigerians dey “very forgetful of im achievements” in di last six years.

“Nigerians, I tink, dey very forgetful. I dey very happy say majority of Nigerians tink that this administration, under di circumstance, dey do dia best but people wey misappropriate funds dey elected as members either for state or federal level.

“You fit accuse dem or try to prove say when dem elect members of House of Reps and dem give ministries and so on, dem bin get only one house and maybe one wife but now dem get several houses may be in Abuja, maybe in Lagos, so, rarely, if you try to work out dia .imacy limit, viz-a-viz dia expenditure, dem go dey exposed.”