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Prepare men for leadership, cleric tells churches

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By Adeola Ogunlade

The Senior Pastor of Healing Hands International, Pastor Festus Edobor has called on the church to be deliberate in preparing the right army that will take over the affairs of the country.

Edobor said this at the just concluded 7th anniversary of the church at it’s headquarter in Lagos. The event tagged Alleluia brought together hundreds of Christain faithfuls from across the country which featured prayers, drama, business and family life sermina and prophetic ministration.

He noted that no goverment of the world at anytime have adequately or completely and independently provided solution to the problems of the people, it is the church that has always been the place of answers.

He recalled that when they was great famine in the land and the people began to eat themselves the King if Samaria made a call to prophet Elisha and God use the prophet to bring about plenty and prosperity in the land.

He recalled that during the pandemic, the church across the country was there to help lots of Nigerians through regular distribution of palliatives and life support interventions.

He noted that the church for centuries in Nigeria have invested massively in the educational, healthcare, environment, and in business sector because it’s remains a place of love and care for the downtrodden.

He said that it is high time that the church began to prepare men and women as God’s representatives to take over the affairs of the country.

He cited the scriptures saying that when the righteous rule, the people rejoice adding that it is time for the church to get involve and not stay aloof.

He opined that Nigerians has great potential and possibilities but the problem have been the death of leaders that will place priority on the welfare and livelyhood of the common man.

On the theme of this year’s anniversary, Alleluia, the pastor said that it is a seasons of praising God for the church as God has been their guide and stay, adding that praising God is not a time meriment but to enforce meriment.

On when the ministry started, he said that the ministry started from nothing but by believing on the word of God and acting by faith, we are succeeding and making progress.

“I lost my parents as a child but my mother taught me how to depend on God and never to lose hope in life, that has been my driven force in life”, he said.

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