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Outcry Over Appointment Of Coordinator Has Helped In Restructuring Sports In Osun – Yemi Lawal

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By Solomon Odeniyi

The Commissioner for Youths and Sports in the State of Osun, Engr Yemi Lawal has said the outcry which followed the appointment of sports coordinators across local government areas in the state had yielded in fruitful results for the restructuring of the sector in Osun.

Lawal said although the outcry were from those disgruntled over the restructuring being carried out in the sports council, it had further earned the ministry the approval of the governor to rebuild sports in the state.

He spoke while speaking with sports journalists in the state.

According to him, the appointees were not selected based on political reasons, but those who had passed the eligibility test of the selection committee.

He said, “While trying to restructure things, there were outcries from some disgruntled elements and had the belief that what they perceived as their birthright had been taken away from them.

“The petition had given birth to a new era. I happy such a petition went out. It has given us the room to start from the scratch. It is like a situation of demolishing a house that had been defected.”

”All along we had been trying to patch and as we did, it kept giving new defect. Now, we have been given the instructions to demolish and begin to build. Yes, it might take time but we are going to have a solid structure at the end of the day.

“The records are there and the process we used to select these people are on merit and apolitical. We instituted a committee which conducted test for them and they were selected based on their performance. “

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