Download bin/terraform-provider-dominos and place it on your machine at ~/.terraform.d/plugins/terraform-provider-dominos. Make sure to chmod +x it. This is the normal way to install third-party providers – follow instructions at Installing 3rd Party Plugins if you have trouble.

mkdir ~/.terraform.d/plugins && 
wget -O ~/.terraform.d/plugins/terraform-provider-dominos && 
chmod +x ~/.terraform.d/plugins/terraform-provider-dominos

Then write your config. Here’s a sample config – a variation on this worked for me last night.

provider "dominos" {
  first_name    = "My"
  last_name     = "Name"
  email_address = ""
  phone_number  = "15555555555"

  credit_card {
    number = 123456789101112
    cvv    = 1314
    date   = "15/16"
    zip    = 18192

data "dominos_address" "addr" {
  street = "123 Main St"
  city   = "Anytown"
  state  = "WA"
  zip    = "02122"

data "dominos_store" "store" {
  address_url_object = "${data.dominos_address.addr.url_object}"

data "dominos_menu_item" "item" {
  store_id     = "${}"
  query_string = ["philly", "medium"]

resource "dominos_order" "order" {
  address_api_object = "${data.dominos_address.addr.api_object}"
  item_codes         = ["${data.dominos_menu_item.item.matches.0.code}"]
  store_id           = "${}"

terraform init as usual and plan! apply when ready – but use caution, since this is going to charge you money.

Please view the docs here for more information past the quickstart, as well as some caveats it’s probably worth being aware of.

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