Napoli-San Paolo row rumbles on

Napoli-San Paolo row rumbles on


The director in charge of reconstruction work at the Stadio San Paolo insists Napoli “complimented us” on the dressing rooms, despite a damning statement.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti wrote the statement complaining he was “speechless” at the state of the locker rooms after two months of work on the arena, insisting they’d have nowhere to change against Sampdoria and Liverpool.

However, architect Floriana Smiraglia, who is also director of restructuring work, was “stunned by Ancelotti’s vicious tackle, especially as today we visited the dressing rooms with Vice-President Edoardo De Laurentiis, who complimented us on the work done.

“Tomorrow is when we’ll begin the big clean-up operation. As planned, on Friday morning we will hand the stadium back to the Naples Council in perfect condition, perfectly functional,” she told CalcioNapoli24.

“I am shocked, because we have always had a cordial, honest and fair rapport with Napoli and today I read these statements from Ancelotti, who wasn’t even at the stadium. I think they must’ve sent him old photographs.

“I am an architect, when talking about restructuring an apartment, there are always sheets down to cover the floors from paint, it’s not a big deal.

“This whole situation leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, because the project was agreed with the club and Ancelotti, who asked to have a room dedicated to him and his staff, so we made changes and created that space.

“I also want to point out that we were not in charge of the decorating, we only did the building work, except for the jacuzzi, which is being installed by Napoli and, if we want to be really precise here, is the only thing that hasn’t been finished yet.”

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