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Mzbel Reacts To The ‘By Force’ Apology Of Abeiku Santana

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Mzbel Reacts To The ‘By Force’ Apology Of Abeiku Santana

Songstress Mzbel has reacted to the ‘by force’ or unqualified apology of Abieku Santana, claiming he’s sorry for calling her a former artist after he was backlashed over that.

Abeiku Santana in an interview disrespected Mzbel by referring to her as a former artist when Lasmid said she’s the one he would love to do a song with and that got him backlashed by most people on the gram and he has come to apologize over that.

Abeiku Santana just wrote that he’s sorry for calling Mzbel a former artist without tagging him and looking at the post, he doesn’t seem to be remorseful of what he said but then had to apologize just to save his face as a role model.

Mzbel has reacted to that by asking if we call that an apology because it’s obvious he isn’t remorseful of his actions because that can’t be felt in his apology online and we agree with her on this because this apology doesn’t seem like he is sorry for what he said.

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Meanwhile, Ghanaian personality, Diamond Appiah has mocked Ghanaian musician, Belinda Ekua Amoah who is known as MzBel.

It could be recalled that the two personalities do not see eye to eye and as we speak, MzBel is currently trending.

MzBel is trending because of a comment made by Ghanaian media personality, Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey who is widely known as Abeiku Santana in showbiz.

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