'Mihajlovic an exemplary patient'

'Mihajlovic an exemplary patient'


Sinisa Mihajlovic returned to the Bologna touchline against Verona last night and his doctor insists “it might not be an isolated incident, as he is an exemplary patient.”

The Coach emerged in public for the first time since his leukaemia diagnosis, as he has been undergoing chemotherapy at the Sant’Orsola Hospital’s haematology clinic in Bologna.

His presence at the Stadio Bentegodi for the opening game of the Serie A season was a surprise to everyone, including his players.

“On Friday there were further signs of improvement, so I told him to start organising it and I would reserve my decision to give the all-clear or not between Saturday and Sunday,” Professor Michele Cavo told news agency Ansa.

“He had already shown on Thursday his great determination and desire to be there at the stadium.”

There are naturally dangers with a weakened immune system for going out in large public places, but this was all taken into account.

“I have to say, Sinisa proved himself to be an exemplary patient. He did everything I told him to, he never shrugged off any advice or suggestions.

“He wore the protective mask when he was in the car and in the stadium, but I did tell him there was less risk when on the touchline in a wide open space, so he was able to take the mask off, as the risk there is inferior.”

Mihajlovic had promised to his players when he went into the clinic that he’d be there for the opening game of the Serie A season and there is another match coming up this weekend.

“I can say that what happened yesterday might not be an isolated incident. Having said that, there will be times when it is necessary for him to stick to a precise schedule of treatment and it won’t be possible for him to be present.”

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