Michael Sheen and Tom Payne have a creepy confrontation in Prodigal Son clip

Michael Sheen and Tom Payne have a creepy confrontation in Prodigal Son clip

Think telling your parents about your career ambitions was tricky? Trying telling your serial killer father you’re joining the FBI.

In an exclusive clip from the series debut of Prodigal Son on Fox, Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex) stars as a prolific serial killer — and loving father! — whose son, played by Tom Payne (The Walking Dead) uses his homicidal heritage to aid the NYPD in capturing criminals. From the looks of the things, the relationship is a little tense as Payne’s Malcolm visits his father in prison to tell him he’s heading off to Quantico and will therefore no longer be dropping by to see him. “This central father/son relationship seems really problematic, in a good way,” Sheen tells EW. “It’s very troubling, but there’s just so much there to look into and explore — it’s going to be interesting.”

And potentially a little terrifying, as evidenced by the clip above, where Sheen’s creepy Dr. Martin Whitly tells Malcolm, “I won’t let you go. Remember we’re the same.” Luckily, Malcolm then wakes up, sweating and spitting out his mouthguard while tied to his bed with restraints. It seems like someone’s a little afraid of sleepwalking — thought that’s probably advisable considering the gene pool.

Prodigal Son premieres Monday, September 23 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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