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‘Lucky Luna’ is a new original Netflix Games platformer with no jump button – NME

by Bioreports

Lucky Luna is a new and original title coming to Netflix Games, and it’s based off of Japanese folklore.

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Announced during the Netflix Geeked Week games event today (June 10), the Lucky Luna trailer can be watched below:

Inspired by Japanese folklore, players will be tasked with guiding Luna “through hidden dungeons and mythical temples to unlock the secrets of her past” in a title that takes inspiration from plenty of old school platformers.

The game is a 2D vertical platformer without jumping, meaning players will need to swipe on the screen to help move Luna as she falls deeper and deeper through ancient temples. There will be a story mode, special challenge runes, an endless mode with leaderboards, an expansive world, and players will need to collect pearls and watch out for traps as they descend as well, according to Netflix Geeked Week.

Lucky Luna. Credit: Netflix Games

Lucky Luna is inspired by the Japanese story tale of the bamboo cutter, which focuses on a princess from the moon discovered inside the stalk of a bamboo plant when she was a baby. Exactly how Lucky Luna will fit into the folklore story remains to be seen, as all we’ve gotten of the game so far is the trailer from today.

The Netflix Geeked Week show also revealed that by the end of this year, there’s going to be over 50 titles on Netflix Games, further marking Netflix’s movement into the mobile gaming space.

In other news, a new report suggests that the highly anticipated God of War: Ragnarok will be releasing this November. Apparently the game will have its full release date revealed by the end of June, with there still being some possibility that it will be delayed into 2023.

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