‘Love rat’ returns home to find fiancee has stripped his home

‘Love rat’ returns home to find fiancee has stripped his home

Danny White, 23, from Brampton, South Yorkshire said he was ‘proper devastated’ to discovered his ex-partner had removed much of the furniture from his home

A man accused of cheating on his fiancee returned home from work to find his house stripped bare. 

Danny White, 23, from Brampton, South Yorkshire returned to the house he shared with his then-girlfriend to discover much of the furniture missing, including the toilet roll. 

It is claimed his former partner stripped much of the house after she discovered he had cheated on her twice during their four-year relationship. 

Mr White posted his reaction to his misfortune on Snapchat, where he said he was ‘proper devastated’. 

He claimed his former partner had taken a double bed, bedside cabinets and a sofa from the house. 

Even the toilet brush and mat were taken. He said she left behind his television, satellite box, a PS 4 and their adopted stray cat, Minnie. 

In the video, Mr White said: ‘So I f****** come home from work right.

‘Mrs has left me, left me f*** all in the kitchen right and guess what? She’s emptied everything and she’s took me f****** settee! What?’

He said: ‘She took it all – bog brush and everything – we had a mat that went into the bottom of the bath, that was gone as well.

‘I just found it a bit petty more than anything, just unbelievable.’

Mr White said he was paying rent on the property while his girlfriend, who is a student, supplied much of the furniture. 

He continued: ‘Me paying that [rent], is like me paying half towards all the furniture.

‘I didn’t get that in writing, I should have done but obviously when you’re all loved up that’s the last thing you think of is to get evidence.’ 

Mr White said he met his former partner while in secondary school and he asked her to marry him in June 2015. 

Mr White said the toilet roll and toilet brush were removed, as well as a double bed and sofa

Mr White shot a video on Snapchat which showed the space where his bed used to be

He said he believed she had been cheating on him. 

He added: ‘In the back of my mind I knew there was something going on with her and someone else.

‘I weren’t fiance of the year, noone’s perfect.’

He declined to comment on accusations about his alleged infidelity.  

However, his ex-partner’s father dismissed Mr White’s allegations. He said: ‘  

‘Her life has been turned upside down by an absolute low life.

‘Her family warned her about [him] but because she loved went back to more than once. Can you imagine if this was your daughter what you would be feeling like?

‘None of the stuff in the house was paid for by, contributed in any way, shape or form by Danny White.

This image shows the marks on the carpet where the sofa was removed following the split with his ex-girlfriend 

Mr White said his ex-girlfriend left their adopted cat Millie behind in the house

‘Every single item that was in that house was paid for with what was left over by her student loan.

‘Half of the property she had before she even met or had anything to do with him in the first place.

‘Most of the stuff she had before she met him that she had been building up and storing for years, little bits at a time.

‘She had the bed years before in our house that she bought herself.

‘Danny White paid the rent for a period of three months maximum while he still had a job.

‘She loved the guy. This is a part of her life that she’s struggled with and then he goes out and cheats on her once.

‘She then had to come back to the family home leaving all her stuff there.

‘Then she decided against all kinds of family input and advice, and I was very angry with her, to go back to him. Why? Because she loved him.

Mr White claimed he paid all the rent on the property while his girlfriend supplied the furniture

‘Then he cheated on her again a second time even then she was still trying to work through that.

‘She never had any kind of affair with the person she’s with. When she broke up with him [Danny] she initially came back to the family house.

‘She had a friendship with the person to whom Danny is referring to for a long length of time.

‘She didn’t want to be in any kind of serious relationship out of coming out of a situation like that.

‘It took her a long time to get over that. Danny was aware, [it was] discussed with him beforehand exactly why and what would be taken out of the house and when it would be taken.

‘It was all discussed prior to the event happening based on a mutual discussion and agreement.

‘Danny contributed for approximately three months and that was it. She was fortunate enough to be able to leave and come back home.

‘She left him with a roof over his head. She left all her stuff in the house initially and left it to live with.

‘He knew beforehand what was going to be taken, when and how by prior arrangement.

‘He had plenty of time to make other arrangements if said arrangement were required, nothing was just removed from the house willy nilly.

‘He had everything in that house because she left everything there while she was trying to sort herself out over a few months.

Mr White said his games console, television and satellite tv box were also left behind

‘According to him and statements made by him he put the video on for a laugh, it’s not funny at all.

‘I don’t know what he was trying to achieve and why has he put this video out over a year after it happened? That in itself tells you about the reality of it.

‘If I felt hard-done by or aggrieved by something I would have reacted immediately, but he’s put it out over a year later apparently for a laugh.

‘This is no laughing matter, it’s brought the whole situation that our family had to go through with her and that she had to go through back.

‘He had the female he had cheated on her with in his house a week after he was apparently devastated by the whole thing.’ 

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