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Love Island LIVE: Ollie Williams quits the villa after three days amid ‘trophy hunting’ backlash

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Love Island LIVE: Ollie Williams quits the villa after three days amid ‘trophy hunting’ backlash

The second episode of Love Island saw twin sisters Jess and Eve ruffle feathers among the five couples in the villa.

It was tense between the siblings as they deliberated over which of the boys they wanted to couple up with (both fancied Mike). In the end, Jess went for Mike (poor Leanne) while Eve opted for Callum, leaving Shaughna apoplectic with rage.

And there’s yet more drama… ahead of tonight’s episode, it has been revealed that Ollie dramatically quit the show. The estate owner, who has been at the centre of controversy after photos showed him posing with the carcasses of dead animals that were killed in Africa, said he left because he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend.

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This is interesting given that, in a preview of tonight’s episode, he seems to be quite happily yo-yo-ing between Paige and Siannise.

To follow the events of the episode, keep up with the live blog below…


A preview of tonight’s shenanigans…


Here are the biggest talking points from last night’s episode to refresh your memory…

1: Love Island is in a bit of a rut

Banter, a kiss-and-tell game show, and a big choice at the end of the hour. Such is the formula to which Love Island has rigorously adhered across previous seasons and here we go again in South Africa. The problem is that, as yet, the series has yet to cough up a break-out personality to make us ignore how predictable it all is. Mike, the likeliest of lads, is the closest to a star so far. But even he is essentially thoughtful and sensible. Good for him – not great for ITV ratings you suspect.

2: Do half the contestants even want to be on Love Island?

Leanne woke from her trance long enough to snog Mike during the tea-based kiss-and-tell competition (yes that is a thing). Otherwise she seemed perfectly happy in the background. Ditto Sophie, Paige, Cheatin’ Ollie, Connor of the wonder-teeth…. All are clearly appreciative of the free winter break in South Africa. But none is visibly burning up with desire to win Love Island.

3: Will Jess and Eve turn on one another?

Flickers of tension broke out between the twins as they weighed up which of the boys they wanted to pick (both fancied Mike). Obviously nobody in the real world would want to see sisters falling out. But unless a wedge of some sort is driven through their alliance it’s hard to see where the contrived conflict that is the lifeblood of reality TV will come from. Shaughna looks properly annoyed with Callum – but he had no say in whether or not he was chosen so a split there hardly yields oodles of dramatic potential. Winter Love Island is in danger of freezing over slightly.


Welcome to tonight’s Love Island blog. We’re back to offer you more eye-rolling and extreme wit as the Islanders continue their search for The One.

In last night’s episode, we saw twins Jess and Eve enter the villa, squabble over Callum, and then end up stealing two boys from the original girls on the show.

Tonight, it’s all about Ollie’s sudden departure and the inevitable fall-out that will ensue as Jess and Eve face the wrath of Leanne and Shaughna.

Love Island‘s new series debuted to a significant drop in ratings compared to last season. Just over 2.5 million people tuned in for the launch on Sunday 12 January – 800,000 down on the number for last summer’s series.

Love Island continues every night on ITV2 at 9pm.

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