LAWMA rewards sweeper after viral video


By Medinat Kanabe

The Managing Director of Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) Muyiwa Gbadegesin has paid one if its outstanding sweepers, Raimat Fasasi, a surprise visit and presented her with cash award for going out of her way to clear drainage on Osborne bridge.

The presentation was done at her duty post.

A few weeks ago, the video of young Raimat went viral when the former President, Dolphin Estate, Osborne Road, Adebisi Awoniyi posted it on social media.

The video showed Raimat, who had finished her work for the day, trying to clear drainage so that water can pass through easily.

This was despite the fact it was not part of the job she was paid to do.

According to Awoniyi, water had gathered because the drainage holes were blocked so she decided to help the water pass.

“I had passed by but came back to ask her what she was doing and she said she noticed that the water wasn’t going so she thought she could help.

LAWMA rewards sweeper
Raimat on duty

” She also told me that if she sweeps and the water is still there it will make her work look messy.

“She was really concentrating as if her life depended on it so I did a video of her, posted it and asked people to help share so that the Lagos state government can see it and appreciate the work they are doing here.

“The only reason we can walk on this road is because it is clean so when I saw her I was really impressed and I thought if we can still have ladies like this we must appreciate them.”

Raimat, who started working with LAWMA two months ago, said she doesn’t like dirty environment, which was why she cleans the road as if it was her house.

“Before I joined LAWMA, my roommate used to call me LAWMA because I sweep the room after she has swept.

“She would abuse me saying I would one day sweep Lagos because I love to clean the house.

“The same thing with plates and cloths, I always wash my plates and cloths as soon as I use them. Dirty irritates me.”

Raimat, who is training to become a fashion designer, said circumstances made her apply for the job of a sweeper.

“I am training to become a fashion designer at a woman’s shop in Obalande.

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“My training will be over in 6 months time but my boss said that before any of us can have the compulsory freedom ceremony, we must buy our own sewing machine if not, she will not allow us leave or hold the freedom ceremony,” she said.

This was why when her neighbor informed her about LAWMA recruitment, she opted for it.

“When he told me how much the salary is I said no problem that I would work since I must buy the sewing machine as soon as possible so he helped me with the necessary things to do and I started working.

“I told my boss that she should give me some months off so that I can start working to save enough money to buy the machine which she agreed to.

“At first, I would close from sweeping by 1pm then I would go home to change and bath before I leave for my boss’s shop to learn tailoring but when she started to complain that I was coming late I opened up to her and requested for some months off.”

The single lady, who said she was very happy, said the day Awoniyi saw her and took a video of her working she didn’t know that anything would come out of it.

LAWMA rewards sweeper
Raimat Fasasi

“That’s why this morning when I got a call and I was told that the cars I saw were coming to me, I became scared and almost ran away.

“I never expected that a day like this would come in my life,” she added.

The MD LAWMA said what the sweeper did was more than her duty.

“The Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Commissioner for Environment, Tunji Bello and myself saw it so we decided to recognise her to show people that we are proud of our sweepers and appreciate their work.”

He told other sweepers to emulate Raimat saying that there is dignity in labour and hard-work pays.

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