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Jason Kidd Wife: Meet Porschla Coleman

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Jason Kidd Wife: Meet Porschla Coleman

Jason Kidd Wife: Meet Porschla Coleman – Jason Kidd is one of the all-time best point guards and passers.

Kidd was a ten-time NBA All-Star, five-time All-NBA First Team, and nine-time NBA All-Defensive Team member. Additionally, he was a member of the 2011 NBA champion Dallas Mavericks squad.

Additionally, he was a member of the American team that captured two Olympic gold medals in 2000 and 2008.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the wife of Jason Kidd so, at the end, everything that you need to know about her will be known.

Is Jason Kidd married?
Yes, Jason Kidd is married. In fact, his current marriage is even his second marriage. His first marriage was to Joumana Marie Kidd. He is currently married to Porschla Coleman.

Jason Kidd Wife: Meet Porschla Coleman
Porschla Coleman is a prominent philanthropist in the United States. Porschla is best known for being married to Jason Frederick Kidd, a former NBA player, and current basketball coach. She was also a former model.

She reportedly gave up modeling after getting married to Jason Kidd, which gave her time to start concentrating on charitable causes. She currently serves as the Jason Kidd Foundation’s executive director, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing children’s educational opportunities.

The “Man & Woman of the Year” campaign, which seeks to raise funds for blood cancer research in the US, selected Porschla Coleman and her husband as finalists. Her husband and kids now reside with her in New York City.

Despite how well-known she is, some aspects of her life are public. Her birth date is one of these things. On August 14, the charming individual celebrates her birthday. Her birth year is unknown.

Her modeling career began when she was still a teen, precisely at the age of 17, when it did. She reportedly left her hometown and traveled to New York City to begin her modeling career.

After that, she attracted the attention of a modeling agent, who gave her a modeling job. Coleman went on to model for some of the most well-known clothing companies and pose for renowned photographers in the future.

In 2003, she took part in “Star Search,” a well-known television program, and reached the finals. She has also appeared in shows like “Khloé & Lamar” and “The Morning Blend” on television.

She had a successful modeling career but decided to give it up so she could devote more time to charitable work.

When did Porschla Coleman and Jason Kidd meet?
Porschla Coleman and Jason Kidd reportedly began dating in 2008, and their first child, Chance Kidd, was born on January 24, 2010.

After a 13-month courtship, Kidd and Coleman decided to wed on September 10, 2011. Following their marriage, Coleman assumed custody of Kidd’s previous union’s three children, Trey, Miah, and Jazelle with actress and journalist Joumana Marie Kidd.

He has a daughter named Noah Grace Kidd, who is their second child together. She was born in the year 2012. Cooper Anne Kidd, who was born on November 19, 2017, was given this name.

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