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Jamiat: Zubair’s arrest ‘discriminatory action’

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NEW DELHI: Prominent Muslim organisation steered by clerics and claiming to have significant influence within the community, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, has strongly criticised the “motive” behind the arrest of Alt News co-founder Muhammad


terming it to be a “discriminatory action”.

The JUH faction led by Maulana Mahmood


in a statement noted that “the job of Alt News is to sort out the truth in the age of spreading false and fake information, which is in fact a great service to the country. That should be welcomed.”

Maulana Madani

has written a letter to home minister Amit Shah saying “the discriminatory nature of the functioning of law enforcement agencies is condemnable”. “On the one hand, people who openly deliver hate speeches and make genocide call are roaming free, while on the other hand journalists who are tirelessly working in exposing such hate-mongers are being systematically harassed and intimidated,” Madani said.

He said “in the case of Zubair, we observe clear-cut discrimination and religious persecution.” In his letter, Madani appealed to Shah saying as the guardian of law enforcement, he must make sure that “absolute equality and impartiality is exercised by law enforcement agencies in dealing with hate mongers irrespective of their faith.”

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