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James and Ola Jordan reveal exact weight loss as they share amazing before and after pics

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James and Ola Jordan reveal exact weight loss as they share amazing before and after pics

December 27, 2022 – 18:31 GMT

Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon

The former Strictly Come Dancing pros have lost a huge amount of weight in just five months – find out how

James and Ola Jordan have lost an incredible six and a half stone as they transformed their bodies from mum and dad bods, into professional dancer physiques.

The former Strictly Come Dancing duo, who write a weekly parenting column for HELLO!, were so thrilled to become parents to their daughter Ella that for the first months and years of her life, she was their only concern. But during the summer, as they took pictures of themselves around their pool, they started to worry about the way their physiques had shifted, and decided for Ella’s sake, it was time to get their healthy bodies back.

SEE: James and Ola’s first look at their transformation

As they prepare to officially launch their new diet and fitness regime, Dance Shred, the pair have revealed the exact extent and speed of their weight loss. “We’ve definitely lost our mum and dad bods doing this,” Ola and James declare on the homepage for their new project, declaring that they have dropped almost six and a half stone between them – and it was FAST!

James and Ola enjoyed a sweet family Christmas with Ella

According to the website, in the first 2 weeks Ola lost 1 stone 2lbs and James lost 11lbs. The website cautions: “as with any diet and fitness plan – expect to lose more at the beginning, with results steadying to 1-2lbs a week after that.”

WATCH: James and Ola detail the secrets of their weight loss journey

The couple’s weight loss journey was a mere five months, and as fans begged for info, the pair took to Instagram earlier this month to answer questions – find out exactly what they said in the video above!

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“I think we both needed that wake-up call and realisation where we’d got ourselves to,” Ola said. We needed to change our ways and be healthy for Ella. We needed to keep healthy for her.” James remarked: “Because we were unhealthy. We went to the doctor and were both told we were in the obese category. Which for us as professional dancers, to be told that you’re obese wasn’t very nice.”

The couple said they used a combination of exercise and watching what they ate as well as portion control, while still allowing themselves to eat a little of what they want.

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