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“I Thought This Person Was My Soulmate”

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“I Thought This Person Was My Soulmate”

Stella Damasus, a Nollywood actress, has publicly discussed her separation from ex-husband Daniel Ademinokan.
The mother of two opened up about her divorce and gave advice to women in a video that was posted on her Instagram page.

She described her divorce and said she believed the man she married was her soul mate. Stella Damasus believed they shared a similar outlook and could do everything together, but sadly, breakfast was served.

Stella Damasus encouraged women to be alert for warning signs and refrain from jumping into marriage too quickly.

“Darling, I have heard experiences with dreams, and with visions that I choose how I want to interprete it to suit what I want.

To give me the answers that I want. It happened to me, I thought this person was my soulmate……

Las las e don cast everybody will still chop breakfast. So my dear, let’s be eating lunch and dinner. When you see red flags don’t ignore it”.

Also, Stella Damasus had shared why you shouldn’t take the little things in life for granted as she discloses how some people are praying for what you have and taking it for granted.

According to her, looking at the man and his son reminded her that she has a roof under her head and doesn’t need to beg for certain things but she takes that for granted because she isn’t able to buy certain things she wants to buy in life.

She then made us understand that we should be grateful for the little things we have in life because someone might be somewhere praying for the little that we have taken for granted in life just because we didn’t get the big ones.


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