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How i made $2,000 a month by a $100 investment on BTCC

by Bioreports

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If you are a crypto trader, you will agree with me that the cryptocurrency markets can be quite volatile and they require extra caution when trading. When I started trading, the rapid market movements often found me unawares and at times made huge losses since I was trading on the spot markets.

I would buy a cryptocurrency, mostly Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin expecting to trade it off when the market prices raised only for the prices to drop continuously for a month, especially in 2018. Then due the fear of losing my invested amount in purchasing the crypto coins, I would trade off the crypto coins at the low prices just to stay out of the market in case their values dropped even further. But some days or weeks after trading off my crypto coins, BOOM! The market prices start rising again and I feel tempted to buy at such low prices. But mostly after buying the trend could reverse to bearish again and the cycle continues.

After a long struggle buying and selling actual crypto coins and also weathering the risk of my crypto wallets being hacked into every time a hacking incident occurred, I finally came across CFD bitcoin trading (or bitcoin futures trading) and I became quite interested since I had some knowledge in how CFDs worked forex trading.

Cryptocurrency CFDs trading seemed to resonate better with me since I didn’t have to purchase all the real cryptocurrencies again for me to trade.

It took me a short time to learn about them and I started looking for an exchange that would offer me the best trading experience. It was not long before I came across BTCC exchange.

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