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Genshin Impact: How to Defeat Miasmic Tumor | Game Rant – GameRant

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Here is how to quickly complete the boss fight for Genshin Impact fans looking to get rid of the Miasmic Tumor in the Inazuma mountains.

Genshin Impact is seen by many fans as one of the top fantasy RPG games with its lush graphics and environments. And just like any other RPG, there are plenty of boss fights in Genshin Impact that can be quite challenging for players.

Arguably one of the hardest boss fights in the game, the Miasmic Tumor, is challenging for both its high level and powerful attacks that are hard to dodge. Killing the Miasmic Tumor is the final chapter in a series of quests as part of the Yougou Cleansing Ritual quest in Inazuma.

The Miasmic Tumor is tricky for many players with its different phases and is commonly thought of as a grueling process. So for Genshin Impact fans who want to help finally rid the Sacred Sakura of its pollution, here is how to take down the Miasmic Tumor effectively.

Phase 1

When dropping down on the tumor, a brief cutscene will occur, and then the battle will begin. There is a red spectral samurai created by the tumor that players will have to defeat first before dealing with the tumor. It is a Pyro-type enemy, so any Hydro-based character in Genshin Impact over level 88 will do the trick.

Once the samurai is defeated, players will have to solve a rune puzzle before damaging the tumor. There is a light pentagram that will appear by a shrine that indicates which monuments to light up from one to five. After summoning an electrogram, light up the monuments in this specific order: bottom mid with one swirl, bottom right with two, top right with three, bottom left with four, and top left with five. Once that is finished, the tumor should drop down, and gamers will be able to deal about a quarter of damage to it.

Phase 2

The tumor will then go back up into the tree and drop down a purple spectral samurai this time. The purple samurai is an Electro-type enemy, so any Hydro or Pyro-based characters in Genshin Impact will prove to be helpful.

After defeating the purple samurai, another pattern will appear for gamers to complete. This time, the tumor will shoot dark fireballs at the players as they solve the puzzle, so remember to be moving constantly. Light up the monuments this time in the order of: bottom mid with one swirl, bottom left with two, top left with three, bottom right with four, and top right with five.

Phase 3

The tumor will summon both the red and purple spectral samurai to fight players for the final phase. After defeating both of them, be sure to solve the next puzzle quickly as the tumor will continue to shoot fireballs at gamers. Next, light up the monuments in the order of: bottom mid with one swirl, bottom left and bottom right with two, and top left and right with three. Fans should then be able to deal the remaining amount of damage to the boss.

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5 with a version in development for the Switch.

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