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Epic Games Store Working on Library Customization – GameRant

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The Epic Games Store is working on features that will improve players’ ability to customize and organize their libraries.


Improved library organization and customization are in the pipeline according to a recent “up next” entry into Trello, the team management tool used by Epic Games Store‘s developers. These highly requested features should be very useful to many customers with large libraries and will make the Epic Games Store more competitive with other customizable storefronts like Steam.

The Epic Games Store launched in 2018 as part of Epic’s push to create a competitive storefront platform featuring Epic’s games along with many other titles and exclusive releases. One of its most successful features is Epic Games Store’s weekly free games program, which occasionally gives out AAA games normally worth $40 to $60 USD. Gamers who have been on the platform since the beginning now likely have several hundred free games in their libraries, which has driven demand for improved methods of managing these growing collections. Thanks to the free games and releases that remain exclusive to Epic Games Store for sometimes over a year, the storefront has steadily increased in popularity.

Much of Epic Games Store’s development process is readily viewable to the public thanks to Trello, a team management platform that allows developers to manage to-do lists for developing additional features, tackling bugs, and laying out roadmaps for future projects. One of the most notable recent additions to Epic Games Store’s Trello board is “Favorites & Collections,” pinned under the “Up Next” category. A mockup screenshot of the feature is included, displaying a dropdown menu for games allowing them to be added to custom collections or sent to a default “favorites” folder.


Several other features are also listed in the “Up Next” category that gamers can look forward to. Epic Games Store is working on its social aspect with improved player profiles where gamers can display their achievements and platinum trophies earned. A user-driven tagging system is in the works which will allow users to participate in polls that will determine which categories apply to certain games, and a rating system is planned which will prompt players to occasionally leave a star rating for a game when their session ends. Hidden achievements are also on the docket, which is especially useful for spoiler-free achievement lists.

Many of these features are already present in other storefronts such as Epic Games Store’s biggest competitor, Steam. Although the weekly free games and exclusives have helped to bring traffic to the service, improved user experience and enhanced features such as customizable libraries are an important step if Epic Games Store is to pull gamers away from their established Steam collections.

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Source: Trello

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