Enconiums for Justice Bulkachuwa, President of the Court of Appeal on her retirement from the bar

Chairman 2019 Presidential Election Appeal Panel, Justice Zainab Adamu Bulkachawa arriving to open the hearing for the petition against the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari at the Court of Appeal, Abuja. Photo by Abayomi Adeshida

It was eulogies for outgoing President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa last week Wednesday valedictory court session held in her honour at the Court of Appeal, Lagos Division.

Bulkachuwa, retiring on her attainment of the mandatory age of 70 said a in her remarks that she would

“I will still be with my sisters and brothers in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and high courts. I have mentored so many young judicial officers and upcoming lawyers to carry on the legacies. I will still be part of the judicial system despite my retirement,” she said.

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Speaking behalf of the Body of Senior Advocates, Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN, said Bulkachuwa deserves all the accolade being showered on her, having discharged her duties as President of the Court of Appeal.

He noted that it was the judiciary that is gradually losing its dignity and respect, as unsavoury and uncomplimentary remarks about judicial officers are seen on the social media on a daily basis.

Former Lagos State Attorney-General, Adiniji Kazeem, SAN, who spoke on behalf of the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, on the occasion, said “My Lord’s looks and appearance actually belie My Lord’s age of almost70. It surely must be the Grace of God, above all, that keeps My Lord, the PCA, looking so ageless and young.

“The life of Bulkachuwa, PCA, reminds us all what the Nigerian girl-child and indeed woman can achieve with her God-given intellect and talents if given the chance and opportunity. We more often than not scoff at the idea that women are naturally gifted in multi-tasking but before us today is one illustrative example of extremely successful multi-tasking woman who has graciously and with great dexterity and enormous success combined her role as wife, mother, grandmother, aunt and high-achieving career and professional women.

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“My Lord Bulkachuwa arrived at the Court of Appeal Bench from a sustained and illustrious judicial career that started with her appointment as a Magistrate with the Kaduna State Judiciary in 1980.

“My Lords, to raise an issue that is of great concern to lawyers generally and in particular, lawyers and litigants in the Lagos Division of this court i.e. the need for the appointment of more Justices of the Courts of Appeal. The Justices of this Division, in particular, have been greatly overworked not just because of the litigious nature of Nigerians generally.”

but given the megacity status of Lagos and its position as the commercial capital of Nigeria with the attendant and inevitable multitude of legal conflicts. Ideally, the Lagos Division of this court should have not less than three panels that sit regularly and consistently to reduce and spread the workload and that means, having more JJCA that are posted to the Division.”

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