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{EDITORIAL} Osun @ 29: Preserving The Birthright

by Bioreports

The State of Osun is twenty-nine. This fact of history is as cheering as it is heartwarming. There is more to this epoch than mere numerical year-counting. The state has, in her first three decades of existence, witnessed monumental achievements, which launched it forward as the most viable and progressive among its peers. Compared with older states, Osun is not doing bad, as its speed and pace in infrastructural cum socio-economic development place it in no disadvantaged position, matching it shoulder-to-shoulder to them.

Above all, the area encompassed under the spatial expression called Osun has waxed much stronger in human capital development; its most prized asset since time immemorial. Recent accolades and laurels rank the state high in advancement in capital utilization, social protection, empowerment and productivity. By implication, the state ranks as one of the lowest in poverty and despondency indices and among the best in security of lives and property. This is no mean achievement for a state that is barely few years into its adulthood.

As we celebrate, we all owe debts of gratitude to God and to all our founding fathers, some still living, to God’s Glory, others having joined the ancestors. Same gratitude goes to all and sundry who ever contributed to the feat so far recorded. The list is long but we shall use indigenes and residents, living or dead as the pointers of that great achievement. Deservedly, of course, reeling out the roll of leaders and heads of government who took turn to govern our progressive march will not be a step taken in the extreme.

However, not too cheering and heartwarming is the impending loss of one of the major prided assets of the state, the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso which it co-owns with Oyo State. The concluded valuation and ongoing winding-down processes are suggestive of dissolution of joint ownership, in the end ceding it in sole ownership to Oyo State. The prayers are that the losses will not be irreparable and the gains multipliable.

We make this clarion call to elders, leaders of thought and stakeholders to always stake on the best options, time and chance permitting, to maintain our heritage not only as the birthplace of the Yoruba but also sustenance of all that is our birthright as a people.

Long Live and God Bless the People of the State of Osun.

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