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EDITORIAL June 12 Democracy Day: Underscoring Its Real Essence

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Here we are! 27 years down the memory lane. Celebrating an event of great significance in Nigeria’s history which is worth celebrating: the event of our hard-earned democracy and its ugly antecedents. The clear watershed in Nigeria’s chequered history, the dreary journey through the winding path of democratic rule.

In an endearing twist to the tale, the FG’s official declaration of today, June 12 as a Public Holiday to mark this year’s Democracy Day celebration came by as crowning moment for the earlier efforts made by likes of the incumbent Interior Minister, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, who, aside being a key combatant in the struggle for the reinstatement of democracy during the awful life-threatening days in the trenches; made the date symbolic throughout his days as helmsman of the State of Osun and culled out a holiday on its account.

We celebrate the first proof ever, the clear eye-opener to the core fact of the truth that democracy and free, fair, transparent and credible election could work here.That day and the experience it brought along remains, till date, the harbinger of our collective triumph over despotic rule by the barrels. Sadly, too, as it turned out, it signalled the unfortunate rape on our democracy; even in the stark daylight of history.

Looking back, the journey has been hard, harsh and tumultuous. Having traversed this cumbersome path of history so ponderously, reminiscing the entire experience is revealing of triumphs, victories, successes and defeats – the good, the bad and the ugly.

We salute the undying spirits of heroes of our democracy who fell by the wayside. Dedicating the 21-year unbroken success in democracy and all the dividends we have to their cherished, evergreen memories will not be a reward out of place. We celebrate the survivors of the struggles, dead or alive.

The Federal Government of the day, under the able leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) has done so, so well. According due recognition and pride of place to June 12 and all that it symbolises and restoring back its significance / essence through its christening as Nigeria’s Democracy Day is a milestone that is epochal and monumental. It’s indeed a giant feat.

Today, we pay tribute and celebrate the valiant inputs of all those who fought for the restoration of democracy. We will remember them.

On this great occasion, it is instructive and intrinsically wise for all compatriots – statesmen, politicians, office holders, leaders of thought, aspiring leaders and all other players in the line-up of scenes on our political / democratic landscape to get adroitly rededicated to good, people-oriented governance. Occasions like this call for sober reflections; not only because the emergency imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic foists such on us, but because such is reasonable and desirable. Occasions like this behoves us all to eschew all negative values of corruption, nepotism, violence, self-driven acquisition, lust and greed.

It is by so doing that the spirits of our forebears and martyrs will rest in peace. Then we would have immortalised them, that their labour will not be in vain. Then, we will all be coasting home to life-abundant and immense prosperity – bringing in the sheaves.

Happy Democracy Day!!!

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