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EDITORIAL: As Final-Year Students Resume

by Bioreports

The recent decision by the Federal Government to extend the gradual relaxation in the lockdown occasioned by the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak to educational institutions came to many as a welcome decision and relief, more so, when the step was taken in response to the people’s yearnings and demands.

It had earlier been the central focus of debates, the expediency or otherwise of making a set of promising Nigerians at various exit levels of different rungs of the education ladder lose a complete year (or even more) to the vestiges of a global pandemic.

Now, government has succumbed to pressure from left, right and centre; students have resumed, starting with those at the points of approaching various external examinations. They are resuming at a time when they will be left with very short period to make last preparations to face the rounds of examinations. They are therefore implored not to view the contest as a hurdle, rather they are charged to summon courage and imbue themselves with missionary devotion and the can-do attitude. Afterall, the examinations will call to question their cumulative knowledge, skills and dexterity garnered over the years.

It is expected that teachers will be forthcoming to guide them expeditiously with the approach of hitting the bull’s eye within the limited time frame, without compromising all the fine ethics of credible, objective, transparent examinations and one devoid of compromise to quality. We trust that our teachers in the State of Osun are disciplined fire-brand technocrats and masters of their game; with great competence, all of which they will now bring to bear.

Across the divides of private / public sectors, we caution strict adherence to all the guidelines set to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus; thereby putting at bay inadvertent practices that could endanger the lives of our youths, who we so much cherish as prides of today and tomorrow. For their age grades, they need adequate oversight and guidance at this time, more than ever before.

As proprietors in the industry, we give Kudos to the State Government of Osun (doubling as regulator in the sector); and the various owners of private schools and all stakeholders for measures put in place to save the day, their understanding and maximum cooperation.

We pray for a hitch-free educational endeavour; as we invoke God to insulate our children and the entire society from diseases and disasters, permanently.

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