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Donald Trump fans gather outside Buckingham Palace

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Donald Trump fans gather outside Buckingham Palace

A protester scuffled with a Donald Trump supporter as the pair wrested over a MAGA cap as tensions look set to continue today with 250,000 set to take to the streets of London in demonstrations against the president. 

Anger boiled over outside Buckingham Palace last night as the Republican arrived for his State Banquet with the Queen and 15 other Royals. 

His state visit kicked off to a wave of protests in the capital as well as Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham with marches expected to continue over the next three days.

Today up to 250,000 people are expected to walk from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joins the demonstration following his snubbing of the State Banquet. 

Anti-Trump campaigners are expected to fly a 20ft blimp depicting him as an angry, half-naked baby as well as unveiling a 16ft talking robot of him sitting on a gold toilet.

Supporters and detractors of US President Donald Trump are pictured scuffling over a Make America Great Again cap outside Buckingham Palace as the State Banquet gets underway 

A Donald Trump supporter scuffles with a campaigner denouncing the US President in central today as they appeared to wrestle for control of a MAGA cap 

Campaigners outside Buckingham Palace this evening hit out at US President Donald Trump’s outspoken support for he coal industry (pictured, left, a bust of the Republican in charcoal) as well as opposing his stance on climate change (right)

Pictured: Approval ratings for the former and current sitting US president as obtained by UK poll company YouGov are projected onto the Tower of London. These figures represent the views of people polled and are not the official US approval ratings of the president 

The Marine One helicopter carrying US President Donald Trump and US First Lady Melania Trump flies over Buckingham Palace as it prepares to land ahead of a State Banquet in central London

Police are pictured speaking to two drone operators outside Buckingham Palace in central London today amid protests over the US President’s state visit 

Protesters have gathered outside Buckingham Palace in central London to demonstrate against the state visit of Donald Trump (pictured, campaigners in the capital this evening) 

Pictured: A protester outside Buckingham Palace, central London, this evening with a placard calling for the President of the United States to be locked up 

Pictured: Campaigners hit out at Donald Trump’s pro-life stance on abortion as demonstrators gather outside Buckingham Palace in central London this evening 

Police are pictured on duty outside Buckingham Palace in central London this evening as protesters gathered to oppose the state visit of Donald Trump 

Demonstrations began from 5.30pm today and have been backed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan, before up to 250,000 people are expected to take part in a march tomorrow. 

Protests are also underway in Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham, where protesters are marching with placards denouncing the president. 

Protests have hit cities across England as President Donald Trump visits London today. Demonstrators are pictured, left, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and, right, marching through Birmingham, West Midlands 

Protesters faced off this afternoon in central London (pictured) as demonstrators against US President Donald Trump were confronted by supporters 

Anti-Trump protesters are pictured outside Buckingham Palace in central London this evening, where campaigners brandished placards denouncing the president 

In one volatile exchange caught on camera today in the capital, protesters argued over the infamous video of Mr Trump from 2005 when he used the phrase ‘grab them by the p***y’ in relation to meeting women.

A female Trump supporter pointed out the video was more than a decade old and claimed ‘real men talk about women that way’ while a male supporter said he would say the same thing – which riled those on the other side. 

A police officer breaks up a heated debate between a protester and a Trump fan (right) outside Buckingham Palace today

A protester (left) and the Trump supporter (right) exchange fierce views on Mr Trump outside Buckingham Palace today

Emotions ran high in London as the President began his state visit amid a wave of protests expected over the next three days

Hundreds of thousands of protesters could join demonstrations this week, which have already started in London today

The Trump supporter said the ‘p***y’ video was more than a decade old and claimed ‘real men talk about women that way’

An anti-Trump protester said: ‘I’m proud to say I’d never ever speak about women like that. You should be ashamed of yourself.’ But the Trump fan replied: ‘I’m a working class cockney, and you lot are middle class Left-wing elitist.’ 

But the anti-Trump protester said: ‘There are plenty of intelligent, sensitive working class people who aren’t ignorant, aren’t racist, aren’t sexist and aren’t flaming morons – it just so happens you are all of those things.’ 

Earlier today, Neil Clark, 39, from Woolwich in South East London, joined a growing crowd outside Buckingham Palace awaiting the arrival of the President and described Mr Trump as ‘amazing’.  

A couple from Stoke-on-Trent wait outside Buckingham Palace with placards to welcome US President Donald Trump today

Royal fan Joseph Afrana holds flags with tourists from Taiwan near Buckingham Palace during Mr Trump’s state visit today

Marine One lands as US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive at Buckingham Palace in London today

The couple, who identified themselves as the Holdcroft, wait in front of Buckingham Palace during the state visit today

A changing of the guard takes place outside Buckingham Palace in London this morning

Art student, 18, mows a naughty welcome to Trump on Stansted flight path

An art student has found an imaginative way of getting his message to US President Donald Trump today.

Ollie Nancarrow, of Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, mowed a rather rude welcome to Mr Trump into a field on the flight path into London Stansted Airport, where the US leader arrive at 9am today.

One message featured an outline of a polar bear alongside the words: ‘Climate change is real’. The 18-year-old said that ‘living under the flightpath has to have some advantages’.

He said: ‘I wanted to show Trump that I oppose his views and policies on climate change and, as an artist, I use whatever canvas I have.’

Mr Nancarrow, who is part of the sustainability and environmental awareness group ‘Born Eco’, won’t get to take part in any other Trump protests until later as he is busy taking an A-level exam.

Ollie Nancarrow, of Bishop’s Stortford, mowed a rather rude welcome to Mr Trump into a field on the flight path into London Stansted

He said he was a ‘massive fan’, adding: ‘Just his character, the energy he has, the passion he has. He’s an amazing guy.’ Mr Clark described the prospect of protests against Mr Trump as ‘quite disrespectful’ and ‘quite shameful’. 

He also described Mr Trump’s tweets about London Mayor Sadiq Khan as ‘justified’. Mr Trump launched a Twitter tirade at Mr Khan this morning, branding him a ‘stone cold loser’ – which Mr Khan called a ‘childish insult’. 

Members of The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery made their way past the front of Buckingham Palace and into Green Park ahead of firing Royal Salutes later. A military band played music on the palace forecourt.

Police officers could be seen standing at three different points on the roof at the front of the palace. The crowd outside grew and were entertained by the band, with tunes including the themes to both Rocky and Fame.

The US President and the First Lady Melania Trump were greeted by Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and US ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson at Stansted Airport this morning as they began their three-day trip. 

Activists from Amnesty International unfurl anti-Trump banners from Vauxhall Bridge in sight of the US Embassy today

Another view of the anti-Trump banners unfurled from Vauxhall Bridge in London today in sight of the US Embassy

Tourists watch as the Household Cavalry make their way down to Horse Guards Parade from Buckingham Palace today

Crowds of tourists and observers wait near Buckingham Palace during US President Donald Trump’s state visit today

The Trumps then headed to Winfield House, the ambassador’s residence in the capital. Mr Trump arrived having already created political turbulence with comments on the Tory leadership race, Brexit and the Duchess of Sussex.

Mr Trump arrived on Air Force One at Stansted Airport, waving as he walked down the steps from the front of the jet, accompanied by the First Lady who wore a blue pencil skirt and blazer, dark sunglasses and heels.

An array of US military helicopters arrived around an hour ahead of the President’s white and blue plane, which bears the US flag on the tail fin and the words United States of America.

There was a visible armed police presence around the airport and police vehicles parked alongside the runway.

Other passengers on Air Force One, including members of the media, disembarked from the rear of the plane while 20 troops from the RAF Regiment formed a guard of honour for Mr Trump.

Mr Trump and the First Lady made the short walk to helicopter Marine One which took them to central London. A military officer saluted Marine One as it taxied off, followed by a second US helicopter and a UK police helicopter.

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