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Complacency, Fatigue, As COVID-19 Cases Decline In Osun

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COVID-19 Still Active, Deadly – Isamotu

Cases Reached 784

Complacency and fatigue have set in for residents of the State of Osun on the management of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Residents of the state, OSUN DEFENDER observed, are tired of wearing face masks and keeping physical distance, among other precautionary measures imposed on the management of COVID-19.

They are not also keeping faith with the not-more-than-20-people gathering directive of the state government, as there have been ceremonies and social gatherings of more than 200 people, with total disregard to the COVID-19 rules in almost every part of the state.

OSUN DEFENDER noted that residents of the state are eager to resume their normal daily living activities, which have ceased since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the state.

As at the time of filing this report, number of COVID-19 cases in the state has reached 784.

It was observed that the number of COVID-19 cases has been reducing in the state for the past one month, while those in isolation centres are also recovering from the virus.

But the Commissioner for Health in the State of Osun, Dr. Rafiu Isamotu, warned residents of the state not to trivialise Coronavirus, saying that it is still active and deadly as well.

Isamotu, who sounded this note of caution on the people of the state in an interview with OSUN DEFENDER yesterday, maintained that people are still contracting and dying of COVID-19, against the impression in some quarters that the virus has disappeared.

He called on the people to continue observing COVID-19 precautionary measures of physical distancing, use of face mask, application of alcohol-based sanitiser and regular hand washing.

According to Isamotu, Osun is far below the predicted figure of COVID-19 cases because of the proactive and strategic steps taken by Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, saying that Osun has been able to curtail the spread of the virus effectively.

The commissioner said: “I want to tell our people that COVID-19 is still very much around, active and deadly. Coronavirus is still killing people; many are currently in isolation centres. We are lucky in Osogbo for being able to curtail the spread of the virus, and this is largely traceable to the proactive and strategic steps taken by Mr. Governor.

“Osun is far from the predicted figure of COVID-19 cases. But that does not mean the virus has disappeared. The virus is still with us and I want to urge our people to continue observing all precautionary measures.

“It is true that the cases are declining but that is as a result of COVID-19 fatigue. Generally, people are getting tired of the virus. This is not peculiar to Osun, it is all over the world. We just pray this virus goes away on time”.

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