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Chief disability Commissioner issues notice to directors of ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ and ‘Shabaash Mithu’ for use of ‘langada/langadi’

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NEW DELHI: The court of chief commissioner of disabilities (CCCD) has issued a notice to the directors of films “Laal Singh Chaddha” and “Shabaash Mithu” asking them to submit their response within 30 days on a complaint by a Delhi-based doctor with 70% locomotor disability, who has questioned the use of word “langade/langadi” that translates to “crippled” in English.

Dr Satender Singh, in his complaint points out his concern over the usage by highlighting that the expression involving the word “langde” is not normally used to denote a disability but to intentionally insult and humiliate someone. He alleged that the usage of the word in both films amounted to “ridiculing” persons with disabilities. Singh, who is also a disability rights activist, has asserted that “cinema is responsible for perpetuating stereotypes, and more often than not, people with disabilities are at the receiving end”.

The CCCD has also sought a reply on the complaint from the

Central Board of Film Certification

and the ministry of information and boradcasting.

Dr Singh pointed out that though


has issued a circular on the list of objectionable words that are not to be admitted under any category of the certificate, that list does not feature any of the foul words directed at people with disabilities.

CCCD has sought from the directors of the two films comments on the complaint on affidavit along with all the requisite documents to substantiate their claim.

In his complaint dated August 17, Singh states that in the Aamir Khan starrer “

Laal Singh Chaddha

” a group of bullies in the scene threaten young Laal by throwing stones at him and by shouting “pakad langde ko”.

“Taapsee Pannu starrer “Shabaash Mithu” has a song “Masti Takita Dhum with the lyrics: Atki jo tangadi, gol gattam khali, Ho gayi langadi (The world spun as I tripped, Can’t stop limping enough),” Singh stated.

One may ask whether calling a person ‘langade’ or ‘langadi’ amounts to intentionally insulting with the intent to humiliate the disability community. The usage of such words by non-disabled people is an act of insult, abuse, and derision. Calling a person “langda’ in the RPDA era is, nowadays, an abusive language and is highly offensive,” he added.

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