Big Brother recap: Three (on the block) is a crowd

Big Brother recap: Three (on the block) is a crowd

Otev visits the house for the week’s veto ceremony

Tears are the common theme of Wednesday’s Big Brother. Kat is crying because she’s on the block and felt like she was safe last week. Christie is crying because it’s not fair she’s nominated during her BFF Tommy’s HOH. And America is crying, “HAVE YOU NEVER WATCHED BIG BROTHER!?”

Michie, on the other hand, is pleased as Punch. Everything is coming up Michie this week: After winning America’s Field Trip — in which he went nowhere — he also gets picked as veto and he wants to win it and put Christie up. Nick is also picked for veto and he plans to pull Christie down.

Jess is feeling a bit conflicted: She likes Christie personally, but she’s never worked with her. She’s still in her alliance with Kat, Nicole, and Cliff. With two of them on the block, she needs her to stay here.

Sis is pushing really hard to get Michie to work with the Six (which are actually Five) again. She explains, rightly, that Christie is a good target for the other side of the house and Michie could use her as a shield. He has no intention to do that, but he plays along to keep Sis on his side.

After a short video package of the new showmance (Nick and Tommy), we get to the main event: Otev. He comes dressed as a pigeon. You know the deal: They have to find cards that say the name of the comp Otev is describing and not be the last one back to the platform.

The first round out, Cliff goes back to the platform with the wrong comp name. He has to go back, but somehow he still beats Michie.

In round two, Kat and Cliff battle back and she rushes past him and steals his rope to beat him to the top. As soon as she realizes what she did, she starts crying. Again. Then Holly, Jess, and Nicole start crying. Cliff tries to comfort her, saying his leg is bothering him so it’s better she goes on anyway, but she says she feels like a monster.

It doesn’t matter, though: She gets out third, which leaves Tommy and Nick in. And Tommy pulls out the win. You will not be shocked to learn that Tommy decides to use the power of veto on Christie. Well, America, we tried.

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