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Bengal BJP neta hails ED, hints at CBI-TMC ‘nexus’

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KOLKATA: BJP national vice-president Dilip Ghosh Sunday said the


had been getting “compromised over the years, as a section of its officers were being purchased”, adding that ED was a “dog that bites and cannot be tamed”. He insinuated a “setting” – used to imply a tacit understanding – between CBI and


, reports

Rohit Khanna


“The Centre realised there were some officers who were suspect. Some transfers were made, but that did not help much. The CBI was becoming ineffective. There were no arrests, nor any incriminating document was unearthed to nail offenders,” he said.

TMC spokesperson

Kunal Ghosh

said “The CBI is under

PM Modi

. Who will try to compromise a department under the PM himself?”

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