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Bioreports presenter Victoria Derbyshire hosts the Trump Baby blimp

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BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire hosts the Trump Baby blimp

Bioreports presenter Victoria Derbyshire hosts mini Trump Baby blimp as plans to put original in a Sadiq Khan-funded museum are revealed

  • Museum Of London plans to display the huge inflatable in its protest collection
  • Baby blimp depicts the US President in a nappy and clutching a mobile phone
  • Trump Baby blimp expected to fly again during this week’s state visit to Britain 

By Mark Duell for MailOnline

Published: 06:12 EDT, 3 June 2019 | Updated: 10:40 EDT, 3 June 2019

BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire hosted a replica of the Trump Baby blimp in her studio today as protesters prepare to fly the real version over huge protests against the US President’s visit to London this week. 

Derbyshire appeared next to the miniature version of the blimp in her studio this morning, ahead of the real 20ft-high version taking to the streets this week after London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave his permission for it to fly. 

The full-size blimp depicts President Trump in a nappy on a mobile phone and has become a hallmark of protests against the President in London.  

After this week, The Museum Of London plans to display the huge inflatable as an exhibit.  

Victoria Derbyshire hosted a smaller version of the Trump Baby blimp in her Bioreports studio today

The full-size blimp is expected to fly again during this week’s state visit, which includes a private lunch with the Queen and a state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Museum Of London director Sharon Ament said it would also like to display the Sadiq Khan balloon, which depicted the London Mayor in a yellow bikini.

The Donald Trump Baby blimp is flown over London during Mr Trump’s visit in July 2018

‘They’re both really important and of their time,’ she said. ‘They characterise a satirical characteristic of British people, the way in which we sometimes respond to big issues using satire.

‘They acknowledge the social discourse and dialogue in society at the moment.’

The museum is funded by a raft of major supporters, with the three key backers being the City of London, Arts Council England and Mr Khan’s mayoral office. 

Ms Ament said the museum began talks with the owners of the famous Trump blimp last year. ‘We are in an open discussion and they are very warm (to the idea). They would like it to come to the museum,’ she said.

Of the Khan blimp, which was used as part of a campaign seeking to remove the London Mayor from office, she said: ‘We are trying to connect with the people who made it.’

Derbyshire stood next to a smaller version of the blimp which was in her studio this morning

The museum, which tells the story of the capital from 450,000 BC to the present day, is moving from its base near the Barbican to a larger site in 2024.

US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania at London Stansted Airport today

The balloons are so huge that ‘we won’t be able to display them until we move to our new site in West Smithfield,’ the director said.

‘We don’t own the object and the owners are still making use of it,’ she said of the Trump effigy. ‘It’s up to them to decide when they are ready to donate it.’

The Trump balloon was flown above Parliament Square last year and its owners have been given the green light by the Greater London Authority, headed by the London Mayor, to fly it once again.

The blimps would go on display alongside a ‘powerful’ range of objects in the museum’s protest collection, including banners from the Suffragettes and tents which belonged to late peace campaigner Brian Haw.

Ms Ament said the blimps are ‘rich’ objects, shedding light on ‘how people protest in London’.

‘It’s extraordinary how some objects can capture the public imagination; certainly the balloon really did.’

The owners of the famous effigy, pictured in July 2018, are keen for it to go to the museum

Asked how the US President would respond to a museum displaying the blimp alongside important historical objects, she said: ‘You’d have to ask him that question.’

It comes as Donald Trump arrived in the UK and immediately launched a Twitter tirade at Mr Khan, branding the London Mayor a ‘stone cold loser’.

In return the mayor’s office fired back, saying Mr Trump was offering ‘childish insults which should be beneath the President of the United States’.

The spat came as Mr Trump touched down in the UK for a state visit that will see him meeting the Queen and other senior royals, as well as Theresa May.

The Museum Of London plans to display the huge inflatable  as part of its protest collection

Regarding the blimp on the Victoria Derbyshire programme, a Bioreports spokesman told MailOnline: ‘We featured a smaller version of the blimp in the studio to illustrate the protests due to take place and highlight one of the points of controversy about whether the blimp should be allowed to fly. 

‘It appeared as part of an interview with protestor Anna Vickerstaff who is one of the organisers behind the blimp and Daniel Mcelhinney from Trump UK, a group of people who support the president. 

‘Given the widespread protests across the UK at Trump’s state visit, it’s appropriate to be covering this topic.’


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