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Avoid cardio for 3 months after Covid: Experts

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KOLKATA: Several cases of deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest and complaints of lingering chest pain in patients who have recovered from Covid infection have led


as well as the West Bengal health department to advise against cardiovascular exercises or intense physical activities for at least three months after recovery.

While sudden aggravation of heart condition post-Covid has mostly been seen in patients who already had the underlying cardiac issues, there have been many cases of younger patients getting detected with similar problems. Doctors said intense physical exercise might worsen the situation. The latest advisory by the health department said Covid-19 can leave a long-term impact on the heart of about 20%-30% of patients who have a severe infection and in those who had cardiovascular involvement during the disease.

Fatigue, chest pain, tightening of the chest, shortness of breath and palpitation are the common symptoms of the lingering impact of Covid on the heart. Instead of intensive workouts, the state’s Covid advisory recommends light exercise, healthy eating, meditation for mind relaxation and yoga.

“The virus leaves the heart and lung inflamed, which takes time to dissipate. Therefore, patients who had severe disease during Covid infection should avoid heavy physical workouts for a few months. While elderly patients with pre-existing cardiac conditions are more at risk.”

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