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205 Live Results: Former champion upset in main event; Waller continues to impress – Sportskeeda

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205 Live’s new blood continued to run the show this week. Last week, Grayson Waller demolished Sunil Singh and he aimed to follow up with a win over Asher Hale tonight.

The main event saw Ikemen Jiro face off against the Premier Athlete of 205 Live, Tony Nese. With the former Cruiserweight Champion and Ariya Daivari in the middle of a long feud with Jiro’s friend August Grey, he needed to send a message by dominating the newcomer tonight.

We kicked things off with Asher Hale and Grayson Waller. Last week, Hale cost Ari Sterling and himself in a tag team match and needed to pick up a win tonight.

Asher Hale vs Grayson Waller on 205 Live

Grayson Waller dominated Sunil Singh on 205 Live last week and, unfortunately, it left Singh with a dislocated shoulder. Tonight, Waller hoped to dominate once again. Unfortunately, he was against one of the recent highlights of 205 Live, Asher Hale.

Hale and Waller, both with MMA backgrounds, went right to the mat, with the former getting the best of the newest signee. Hale taunted Waller, trying to guide him into his guard. Waller threw a kick and was rolled up.

Waller finally turned things around with a two-kick combination that sent Hale to the floor. Hale’s head was slammed to the floor while Waller taunted the 205 Live crowd. Back in the ring, Waller connected with a springboard elbow drop, earning a two-count.

Hale ate a crescent kick but still kicked out. Waller began berating Hale, which lit a fire under him. Hale drove Waller into the corner with an offensive flurry before hitting an exploder suplex. A springboard forearm smashes and a spinning pack kick to the gut set up for the Question Mark Kick. Waller, just barely, kicked out.

Waller was caught in a sleeper hold and did everything he could to shake his opponent off. Hale refused to loosen his grip, only breaking away when Waller slid through the ropes. A stunner and a leaping curb stomp knocked off Hale.

Results: Grayson Waller defeated Asher Hale via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B

August Grey was happy to finally be moving on from Ariya Daivari, and so was every 205 Live fan who’d been watching their feud for over half a year. Unfortunately for Grey, Daivari came into the frame to let him know that they weren’t done until he said they were done.

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