Rivers State Government has denied the allegations by Ministry of Aviation that the documents it has been using to operate its Bombardier Jet for the past seven months were forged, stating the allegation is not only preposterous but embarrassing and borders on witch-hunt.

In a statement  in Port Harcourt, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, Commissioner for Information and Communications on behalf of the Rivers State Government pointed out that “No aircraft can fly into Nigerian airspace illegally and land at various airports within the county unchallenged. The Rivers state Government owned aircraft has been in operation since October 2012”

She also circulated the application letter made on 27 August 2012 by Carverton Helicopters on behalf of the state Government entitled : The Application To Operate for Private Use Bombardier Bd-700-1A11(Globa Vision) and stamped received by the Ministry of Aviation on September 4,2012.

Mrs Semenitari also said that the allegation that a state government has been using the name of Caverton Helicopters to obtain various clearances for seven months running is both preposterous and embarrassing.

The Rivers State Government further stated that “The claim that the aircraft insured is owned by ACASS CANADA LIMITED” of 6700 Cote de Liesse, Suite 206,Montreal, is a deliberate distortion of facts. An insurance issued to ACASS was used for entry into service while flying between Canada and the USA for pre-delivery tests. Rivers State Government took delivery on 5th October, 2012 and duly insured the Aircraft and the certificate of insurance duly states this.”

In one of the documents circulated it showed that the Rivers state Government applied to Colemont Insurance Brokers limited to have the aircraft insured for 45 million dollars between 30th October 2012 to 29 October,2013.

The Rivers State Government also pointed out that it has been flying this aircraft since October 2012 with this same certificate and with the knowledge of the Ministry of Aviation.

The statement also went further to explain that it believes that all administrative procedures should and must be complied with however “the state government is worried at what is beginning to seem like a witch-hunt of it and related parties that have conducted business with it”.

The Government pledged that it will continue to engage with aviation officials and follow through with all administrative requirements and processes as is most appropriate.

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