Senate swears in Senator Ademola Adeleke

I was filled with emotions today as I swore in the brother of Late Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke as Senator representing Osun West.

I’m sure that my late friend, his family, good people of Ede and Osun West Senatorial District are delighted that the legacy of ‘Guv’ can continue. I am sure my departed colleague will, in his grave, be happy and filled with joy today and always.

My only sadness is that Senator Ademola Adeleke is not coming in as an APC member. This is the result of mishandling of the pre-election matters by our party. I hope Senator Ademola Adeleke will very soon return to his natural fold, the APC, where he rightly belongs.

I hope this development will serve as an eye opener to our party at all levels that the will of the people must always be respected. We all have a good lesson to learn from this.

Once again, I congratulate Senator Ademola Adeleke and I hope he will live up to his brother’s expectations and further uplift the legacy established by their late father, Senator Ayoola Adeleke.

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  • OSUN WEST SENATORIAL BYE ELECTION. LESSONS : -When you are a leader, never underestimate the political value of anyone. -Always assess people’s needs and embark on people -oriented projects. -Never impose on people, needless projects for the benefits of your pocket. – When a football player commits foul, he is given a caution (yellow card ). If he repeats the same, he is given red card and sent out of the field. – The results of Osun West Senatorial election yesterday is a warning signal to the present government to change it’s anti-people, i don’t care attitude and policies, hence, it will be given red card in the next gubernatorial election in 2018. -If you pay Half salaries, what you get is Half Votes. – The victory of the PDP does not mean we have totally overlooked their massive misrule in the past years. This is a protest votes by the unpaid /underpaid workers and pensioners and neglected masses of the State. -Ona baba Ona(without vehicles ), mega schools(with hungry teachers and pauporised students ), O-this and O-that(without any tangible results ), will not vote on election days. But people, people and people will always vote. -When you neglect people, your opponent gets Ibo baba Ibo which is more than Ona baba Ona. -Change for better or be kicked out in 2018. WORDS OF WISDOM

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