Senate passed a Motion to investigate TetFund

Today, the Senate passed a Motion to investigate and audit contracts that were awarded and paid for in the past by the TetFund that are yet to be executed.

In the past, the TetFund has had to award contracts for the benefit of several higher institutions across the country in keeping with the statute that established the Agency;

However, the Senate has observed that despite the good intention of the TetFund in awarding these contracts, some of the contractors are yet to be identified and some of the contracts are yet to be executed.

This is why today, in strict compliance with my pronouncement that the Senate will be committed to exposing corrupt practices in all facets of the Nigerian Society and bringing culprits to justice, the Senate resolved to mandate its Committee on Tertiary Institutions and TetFund to conduct an investigation to ascertain the contractors who collected funds that belong to the TetFund in the past, and have absconded without performing these contracts.

The Committee has also been mandated to report on its findings and recommendations to the Senate for further action.

Moving forward, I would like to thank all Nigerians that have brought cases of corruption to the attention of the Senate, and would like to urge more Nigerians to report any other cases of corruption to



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