Save Polytechnic Education, NAPS Tells Jonathan





Nigerian polytechnic play a very vital role in the educational, scientific and the technological progress of Nigeria. It is establish to train and produce technical manpower necessary for the execution of the Nation’s mission development plan, goals, and strategies. This is a role which they have effectively played since the establishment of the first polytechnic, YABA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY in 1947.

However, why should polytechnic education which is the foremost in the educational sector suffer such a setback as we are witnessing today, where Government modus operandi is incapacitating the institution and derailing it from the objective behind their establishment. We have watch keen interest the Federal Government lackadaisical attitude towards improving the Polytechnic Education and we have come to the conclusion that the Federal Government is not interested in Technological Advancement of the nation because neglecting the Polytechnic sector is like neglecting the technological advancement of our Nation Nigeria.

In lieu of the above, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR POLYTECHNIC STUDENTS’ [NAPS] wish to declare our total support to the ASUP agitations and will hesitate to mobilize our members when the need arises.




•   That the Federal Government should reasonably come up with solutions that will solve the problems of the Polytechnics in the country before the expiration of the ASUP ultimatum.

•   Establishment of NATIONAL POLYTECHNIC COMMISSION (NPC) as an independent body (like NUC & NCCE) to oversee the day to day activities of the Polytechnics across the country.

•   The amendment of the POLYTECHNIC ACT which will invariably address the grey areas affecting grading system of Polytechnic graduates in public and private sector.

•   That the Federal Government should constitute the Governing Councils for Polytechnics, Monotechnics and Colleges of Technologies without hesitation.

•   That the Federal Government should as a matter of National interest permanently addressed the dichotomy between the HND and the Bsc holder.

•   Immediate commencement of the NEED assessment of the Nigerian polytechnics.

•   That the Federal Government should compel the office of the Accountant General of the Federation to implement the IPPIS module in the polytechnics sector.

•   That the Federal Government should as a matter of urgency address the agitations of ASUP in the interest of the Nigerian Students and the nation at large.


In Conclusion;

Peace is not the absence of conflicts but the presence of justice, we are appealing to the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency to look into the aforementioned so that the Polytechnic students will not be a sacrificial lamp for a process that is either not well manage or unattended to. If the strike snowballs into full blown industrial action by the ASUP, the Nigerian Polytechnic Students will not hesitate to take to street to demand urgent attention.



 Aluta continua!! Victoria Ascerta!!

Comrade Fawale Oluwole Jacob

National President, NAPS



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