Osun Plans TV Channel On Education – Aregbesola …..Says Education Gulps Lion Share Of State Budget *To Partner AIT & DAAR Education Service

The Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has disclosed that part of his administration’s programme to enhancement the diminishing fortunes of education in the state is to establish a television channel dedicated solely for education.

The governor, who revealed this during a courtesy visit of DAAR Communication Management team to his office in Osogbo, the state capital, also said that the dedicated coverage channel, which would be hooked unto a satellite, would offer Nigerians to view state’s education system of operation anywhere they are in the world.

According to Aregbesola, the dedicated channel would be patterned after a similar Arab television channel, which broadcasts education solely to school pupils at home in that country.

This was as the Chairman of DAAR Communications Limited, High Chief Aleogho Raymond Dokpesi, also sought the collaboration of the government of the State of Osun in an innovative education programme about to be commenced by his African Independent Television station (AIT) tagged DAAR Education Service.

Aregbesola stated that whoever is concerned about the growth and progress of the country would be worried by the sharp decline in education system.

He argued that his administration is tackling the low standards of education, particularly in the public primary and secondary schools from the root because if the foundation is weak, nothing can be built on it without such top structure collapsing.

He noted that education must of necessity be given more attention for the betterment of the people and the progress of the state, saying where illiteracy and ignorance is prevalent everything turns upside down and no meaningful thing would be achieved in such society.

According to him, to prevent such future tragedy that may be heralded by ignorance, the state is pursuing its education policies with uncommon zest with a view to improving and upgrading the hitherto low standard.

He disclosed that in view of this conviction, education has taken the lion share of the state’s budget in the past two years.

He said: “Whoever is concerned about this state and the country would be worried about the decline in our education system. This is glaring in our public primary and secondary schools.

“And where ignorance is rife, there anything can happen. So, to prevent the tragedy ignorance brings, we must purse education with a gusto that is extra-ordinary.

“That was why we held a summit on education barely three month we came into office, where we discovered that less than 3% of our students in public secondary schools have enough credits that could make them go further in their education.

“It was this revelation that informed our decision to totally overhaul the education system in the state and purse these policies with rare vigour. So, in the last two years, education has taken the lion share of our budget in the state.

“This is not by happenstance; we consciously pursue it because it is education that can solve our societal crises.”

Aregbesola added that a device called Opon Imo (Tablet of Knowledge), which is about be introduced to the high schools in the state, would radically change education system in Nigeria.

The electronic device, which comes loaded with, is also aimed at improving, broadening the horizon of our students and preparing them for distinction grades in their external examinations via information Communications Technology (ICT).
The governor said these ambitious education policies would cost the state a whopping N30 billion in two years, the largest any state in Nigeria has ever spent on education alone.

He commended the DAAR Communications Chairman for his vision, saying, “It was ambitious to run an idea like AIT and RAY Power 100FM when they started as independent broadcasting organisations.

“We recognise your organisation in the areas of direct foreign investment, impact on economy and employment opportunities. We salute your sense of industry, tenacity and zeal.”

In his response, High chief Dokpesi lauded the tremendous transformational changes Aregbesola has brought to Osun in just two years.

Daar Chairman said the rest of the states must be aware of what Aregbesola is doing in promoting education in the state, saying DAR Education Service, which is in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Education, is designed to assist and contribute to education system in Nigeria through dedicated broadcast to pupils at home.

Dokpesi, who said that AIT has been set up in 34 of the 36 states of the federation, disclosed that engineers are working round the clock  so as to make sure Osogbo studio too takes off within the next two months.

“We have seen your administration’s tremendous transformational changes in Osun. The rest of the states must be aware of what you are doing to promote Osun education standard.

“We are going to seek your collaboration in the area of dedicated coverage of Direct Education Service. On our own we have on ground about 25 channels dedicated to education  broadcast into Nigerian homes so that our children can still be re-taught in their respective homes what their teachers taught them earlier in the day schools,” Dokpesi said.

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