Indian Prime Minister is being ridiculed across world: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said its the first time that an Indian Prime Minister is being ridiculed across the world, citing demonetisation as a bad decision which has brought economy to a halt.

He said the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have brought ridicule to independent institutions like RBI by forcing demonetisation.
Inaugurating the convention against demonetisation, Rahul said ‘ache din’ would only come with the return of congress to power.
He accused the PM of jumping from one issue to another to divert people’s attention from his failures.

However, he said the PMs strategy has been exposed like his claim of doing yoga.

Rahul said the economist who propounded the theory of notebandi told him that the PM misunderstood his theory and had instead worked against it by introducing currency of higher denomination in Rs 2000.

He took potshots at media for ‘being restrained’ in Modi regime unlike under UPA when it wrote and spoke freely.Slamming BJP, the congress leader said Modi asks what has congress done in 70 years but he can’t name any of their worker who died in Punjab or assam or elsewhere in national interest.

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